2003W/C Photos


If you have any Pictures taken from this years prelims or finals and would like to have them added to this page send them to me and I will add them to this page.

United States

John Wiens and Aubrey Thibodeaux
Steve Clayton and John Wiens John Wiens and Mel Stalzer Jim Petersen Todd Millard
Mark Thompson, Richie Ernst, CharlieHicky,
Kenny Parker, Jim Spring, Mark Lewis John Weins, Joe Testa
Richie Ernst and John Wiens Tom VanDen Bossche and John Wiens John Wiens, David Connell and Granddaughter
Beaver Dayton and John Wiens Fanciers attending Ken Billings Fly Dennis Hayes, Beaver Dayton, John Wiens, Rick Schoening, Ron Phelps and Jim Sargent Kenny Billings
Terry Parrot
Bob Golson and John Wiens
Jerry Greene &
Melvin Stalzer
Harry Voth of the Idaho Roller Club
91 years young and still flying
Jerry Greene
Melvin Stalzer
Rick Orme
Ron Rucker
Brian Brueggemeier
Dave Gehrke
Harold Ryan
Minnesota Flyers
Dave Szabatura and John Wiens Rob Thayer, John Lawrence, John Wiens, Ray Szabatura, Dave Szabatura, and Ron Kumro.
John Lawrence and John Wiens

Mike Whitney, William Green, Reana Taylor, Jerry Green, John Weins, Caulder Parot, Mel Stalzer, Rick Orhm & Harold Ryan.


John Wiens and Bobby Bradley

Flyers at Dennis Burke's fly

John Wiens and Dennis Burke
lL to R  Ray Szabatura  John Wetherbee, John Lawrence, Ron Kumro, Dave Szabatura, John Wiens, Joe Pastuch, and Bert Schweigert.

John Destouet, Ron Duncan, Ron Judd, DeWayne Holmes, J.V. Broek, Marshall Duncan, Brian McCormick
Southern California Fanciers at Brian McCormickÂ’s Loft
Ron Judd and his portable flying loft
Fanciers attending Fly at Bobby Bradley's Home
John Lawrence and Eldon Cheney

Frank Gabriel, John Lawrence, Rob Thayer, Eldon Cheney, and Dave Szabatura
Scott Campbell and
Joe Testa
Scott Campbell and
Jim Spring

The Flyin Hawaiian Ivan Hanchett Dave Szabatura,and Eldon Cheney
 Harry Hellwig, John Wetherbee, Eldon Cheney, Dave Szabatura, Eric (E-Man) Fisher, Ed Young, and Keith Johncox
Kong Her, Eldon Cheney, Ivan Hanchett,  Mike Hansenand Don Lehman

Devoe Manning, Dennis Burke, Wendell Spisak, Mel Stalzer, Keith Hugley Wes Maine, Dennis Burke, Devoe Manning, Randy Reinke, Allen Hugley, Ed Koehn, Mel Stalzer Keith Hugley, Mel Stalzer, Devoe Manning, Allen Hugley, Dennis Burke, Randy Reinke Devoe Manning, Mel Stalzer, Randy Reinke, Allen Hugley, Dennis and Linda Burke

John Deleon, Joe Canteloupe, Bruce Klajda, Al Luna, Don Rees, Lee McGuffee,
Gary Richards,  Terry Lackey,and Keith Richards
Clay Palamides, Stuart Brown, Dennis Hayes, Ron Phelps, Tim Decker, Mike Danielson, and Larry Hollingsworth
The Idaho Roller Club
Utah Flyers