2004 World Cup Roller Fly Bulletin Auction Guidelines

Bidding   Any and all bids placed for items in this auction will be considered legal binding contracts between the bidder and the World Cup Roller Fly. Bids will be accepted by email, phone, or by regular mail. When placing your first bid you will have to supply your Name, Address, and Phone Number with your bid. All bids are in US Dollars and in $10 increments. To bid on an item online, click on the link on that item and your email program will open up with an email to Harold Ryan. The subject line of the email will list the Item # you are bidding on, be sure it is correct. If we receive more than one bid on an item for the same amount, the bid received first will be taken, and the other bidders will have to re-bid on that item. Bidding closes on July 26th at 6pm CST, or until an item goes 1 hour without a bid after 6pm.

Proxy Bidding   We will gladly accept proxy bids. When placing a bid just tell Harold the highest amount you are willing to pay for that item, and he will automatically place a bid for you $10 over the highest bid received, until you win the bid or your limit is reached. This can be helpful to anyone that can not access the internet, sending bids in by mail, or may not be able to bid in the closing hours. Your Proxy bid will be confidential and will not be released to anyone.

Paying for Bids   Bidders that win bids will have 14 days after the closing date to get a check / money order to Harold Ryan for deposit into the World Cup Fly bank account. Personal Checks will be accepted from bidders in the US only, and all payments from foreign countries will have to be money orders for the correct amount in US Dollars. Currency Exchange Rates can be calculated very easily by going to www.x-rates.com and using their currency calculator. We can accept bank transfers for any additional fee. Bank transfers must be approved and coordinated by the 2003 WC General Coordinator, StevelClayton@wmconnect.com . Failure to pay for an item that you win the bid on, within the allotted time, will be considered Fraud against the WC Fly.

Make Checks/Money Orders payable to World Cup Fly

                      Send to:               Harold Ryan

                                                57813 180th Ave.

                                                Lacona, IA  50139


Shipping   After payment to the World Cup Fly has been received and verified, The WC Fly Promotions Coordinator will notify the donor of the item the name of the winning bidder, and to accept shipping arrangements. The person with the winning bid will be responsible for all shipping costs; and fees associated with the importation of birds from out of country, payable in advance to the donor of the item. Shipping boxes will only be accepted shipped from a supplier to the donor, to prevent anyone from contaminating a donors loft, and they must be of proper size for the amount of birds being shipped. Here are some links to suppliers that have shipping containers in the US. Horizon Bird N.E.S.T.S , Jedds Pigeon Supply , Foy's Pigeon Supply , Global Pigeon Supply .

Liability    The World Cup Fly as a third party to these transactions accepts no liability for any damages incurred by these transactions above the amount of the bidding price for the item. Bidders should insure all payments and shipments to protect their investment, and the World Cup Fly will not be liable for any shipping, exporting, importing and/or transporting costs.

Fraud    Any person fraudulently placing bids, failing to pay for bids within the allotted time, paying with an account with insufficient funds, or committing any form of fraud against the WC Fly fundraisers or Donors will be banned from participating in any future fundraisers. We reserve the right to publish the name of any person committing fraud against the WC Fly fundraisers or Donors, so donít place any bid(s) you donít intend on paying for.