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ID: 140 Mike Rose
Auction By World Cup Roller Fly 4 young birds
Item Location: New York, USA

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Current Bid | US $101.00
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High bidder | Dennis Panasci
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Mike Rose is donating four young birds from his Ron Kumro based family which goes back to Joe Houghton and Hans Rotenbacher. Mike is one of the top fliers in New York and has placed 7th overall in the NBRC National Championship 20 Bird Fly and in 2009 he was 7th overall in the World Cup finals. Mike always has high multipliers so the quality and depth of his pigeons is not a question. Mike currently serves as the Regional Director for New York, USA.

If you didn't receive your winning email notification contact Mitch Reed for a copy at reedm.rollers@gmail.com.

Thank You to everyone who donated to the 2014 Auction.

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