2003 Photo's
John Wiens and Nick "The scribe"straining to see my birds perform. The straining was not related to their flying height.
They came early to my place to support the fly and watch a good kit perform. They achieved at least one of their goals! John Siotas releases his kit.
Phil Gemelas, Adrian Gasparini, and John Wiens    
Phil Gemelas, and John Wiens What's that coming out of he sun?
Con "The Dove" Kousoukas, John Wiens, Nick Tsoltoudis


Watching exhibition kit at the home of Alf Julius. Alf Julius was a long time resident of South Africa were he was successful with his own family of rollers. "Tessa's" are still flown today in that country.
Tony Iuliano, Alf Julius, Phil Gemelas, John Wiens
John Weins and I in front of that funny pointed building in Sydney. It's supposed to look like a sails on a ship!


Perth Western Australia.
Ian Blackwell, Tony Iuliano, Phil Gemelas, Steve, Alf Julius, Maureen and her granddaughter
Peter Covich, John Wiens.


Steve Lovitt and Robert Filardo two very new club members. Roberts daughter came prepared with her own binoculars!
2002 Photo's

 Heine Bijker and Nick Tsoltoudis Sidney

Adrian Gasparini  -  RD for South Coast. David Lister, Heine Bijker - Melbourne Victoria

Heine Bijker, Paul Pacino  Melbourne Victoria Jim Drakoulis, Heine Bijker  Sydney, New South Wales Ian and Jan Blackwell - Perth West Australia

Phillip Gemelas RD for East Coast Con Kousoukas & Heine Sydney, New South Wales Marcus Collaco's Loft

Heine and Rick Price. - Bendigo, Victoria Garry Fraser and Heine.  Melbourne Victoria
  Heine and Brian Strong - Melbourne Victoria 

L to R - Rick Price, Adrian Gasparini, Steve Panagiotakakos, Heine Bijker, David Lister, Richard Willie, Garry Fraser, Patrick Fraser - Melbourne Victoria
Tony Iuliano. RD for West Coast
L-R, Back Mal Vinci, Jim
 Trafford, Yassien Benjamin, Peter Covic, Ian Blackwell, Tony Iuliano seated, Heine, Alf Julius.  Perth West Australia
 Early morning cuppa   John Siotas presenting Heine with Thank You gift on behalf of the Australian Fliers.
 Heine, Paul Pacino, Strati Pana, Val Aquilina.


" Heine, Come and warm up your hands by the burn barrel. " " Gather around boys, I'll tell you all a secret."
SPRC - Sydney Metro Fanciers 
Con & Margret Kousoukas, Nick Tsoltoudis, George Witenko, Martin Wright, Fred Cutjar, David Graham, Phil Gemelas, Ray Vane, John Cox, Jim Drakoulis, Mario Corral.
Kneeling Gus Frieta, Adam Matthews
West Australian Fanciers.
Standing Alf Julius, Jim Trafford, Kevin Pugh, Keith Williams, Samiree & Nazeem Benjamin, Mat Vladich, Cedric Herft, Dominic Airoldi, Mal Vinci, Tony Iuliano.
Kneeling. Ian Blackwell, Brook & Neil Crowd, Yassien Benjamin, Peter Covich.


 Melbourne Metro Fanciers
Standing Keven Giddens, Joe Shepard, Gary Roberts, Rick Price, Paul Pacino, David Lister, Ken Howat, Richard Willie, Tom Ugrasbul, Claudio Leiva, Gary Richards, Garry Fraser,
Kneeling, Neine Bijker, Steve Panagiotakakos, Val Aquilina, Brian Strong, Adrian Gasparini, Steve Fraser.