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The store is up and running but might have some quirks.  If you are having trouble purchasing something, contact Mitch Reed so he can get it fixed.  Thank for your patience.

Shipping is included in the item price for all items other than bands within the U.S.  All prices are listed in U.S. dollars.  To place an order outside of the U.S., do not use the PayPal buttons below, instead contact Mitch Reed for bands or David Curneal for other store items.  We will figure out the shipping charges and send you a PayPal invoice.  For all customers, if you do not wish to use PayPal, you must contact us to place an order.  All checks or money orders will be in US funds and made out to World Cup Fly.

2015 WCUP Bands
The bands are anodized violet aluminum with white lettering. They are 7 millimeters inner diameter.  50 bands are $25.00 (50 cents each).  100 or more bands are 45 cents each.  Add $4.00 for shipping to all band orders.
To request a specific series, type it in the box. You will get that series if available. If not, you will receive the next series available on a first come first served basis.
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World Cup T-Shirt
The logo on this t-shirt was designed by Brian McCormick. Since then we have added some new Countries to the World Cup Roller Fly. These t-shirts are being sold at a reduced rate of $15.00.
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"Getting Ready for the World Cup Roller Fly"
by Roger Fattig-Animal Artist
Limited Quantity of 20x24 Prints of this beautiful exclusive painting $25.00.
World Cup Roller Fly Special Edition Collectors Pin
A very nice Birmingham Roller Pigeon design cast in metal with an antique silver plating that will look great on your hat or collection $7.00.

Pictured is the 2006 World Cup Fly pin.  We have an overstock of Fly Pins in the years listed below and are selling them for $6.00 each.  The quantities are listed in blue.

1992-12 1993-32 1994-21 1995-30 1996-6
1997-28 1998-41 2000-50 2001-15 2002-68
2003-78 2005-50 2006-189 2007-3 2008-96
List years wanted below and make sure to update the quantity in cart to match.
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All DVDs are available in PAL and NTSC Format unless noted otherwise.

2008 World Cup Finals Video
Here is a new DVD, done by Eldon Cheney as he judged the 2008 World Cup Roller Fly Finals. This video is one hour and 26 minutes of great roller flyers from around the world. Price is $35 and is worth every penny.
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Ferid Catak's Videos
One set of 2 DVDs in PAL format only. They will play on your computer and may or may not play on your normal DVD player. The first one is Ferid Catak's 2006 kit that was judged by Heine Bijker and eventually won the fly. The second DVD is of Ferid's 2002 team that Heine also judged. It earned Ferid a second place finish. Both DVD's are about 30 minutes long. Excellent digital quality showing some nice teamwork and rolling. Ferid's loft is shown along with the Denmark fanciers. All verbage is in Danish. Price is $25.00.
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2005 World Cup Fly Off
World Cup judge Rick Schoening interviews the finalists from around the world. Video run time approximately two and 1/2 hours. The 2005 video is on two DVDs that will work in PAL and in the Americas. Price is $25.00
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2000 World Cup Fly Off
Heine Bijker Judging the North American Finalists
Description: Almost 4 hours of Heine's judging trip ending with three days at Monty Neibel's and a very special ending in memory of Monty. This is a high quality, professionally made video, that Heine had made, and we are offering it to you in a special WC edition of the DVD in NTSC format. Price is $25.00
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1998 World Cup Fly Off
Eldon Cheney Judging the 98 WC Finals
Description: Almost 7 hours of Eldon Cheney's judging trip with lots of kit flying video. Visit all of the 98 WC Finalists with Eldon and see their birds, lofts, and kits fly. This is a high quality video that has been reproduced for everyone that didn't get a copy of the first edition. This three disc set is in NTSC format and the price is $25.00
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Interview with Ollie Harris
This was filmed at Ollie's home in 1988 by William McCrae and John Huntington. Ollie Harris was no doubt one of the greatest breeders of Birmingham Rollers of modern times. His family of birds are on every major continent and behind many present day families. A true must for history buffs and anyone who has Ollie Harris birds behind their family. Ollie's lofts and stock birds are featured along with many great answers to questions posed by Bill McCrae. Available in DVD. Price is $25.00
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Rick Schoening's Video Visit to England
Sponsored by the NBRC with John Huntington Host
Description: Visit with most all of the world renowned roller fanciers in England. This is 4 hours of awesome roller video, donated by Rick Schoening to the WC for raising funds to help offset the costs of printing and mailing the WC Bulletin. The video is two discs in NTSC format and a must for your video library. Thanks Rick for the contribution! Price is $25.00.
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