Pictures From Abroad


Photo's submitted by Eric Laidler

1994, left to right: George Kitson, Peter Harper, Les Bezance (all from England) Harry Christensen, Preben Rigglesen Bent Pederson, Henning Pedersen, Helge Bonderbjerg and Eric Laidler in Eric's back garden.
1995, Elo Rasmussen, Bent Pederson, Monty Neibel, Canada, Harry Christensen, Helge Bonderbjerg, and Eric Laidler in front of Eric's Ducketts.
1996, Jorn Rosengreen, Don Ouellette. U.S.A., Henning Pedersen, and Eric Laidler in Jorn's back garden.

1998, Eldon Cheney U.S.A., Eric Laidler and Jorn Rosengreen in front of Jorn's loft.
1999, Joop, Holland, Eric Laidler, Monty Neibel, Canada, Hans F Naser, Germany in front of Eric's lofts.
2000, Peter Harper, England,Eric Laidler, Henning Pedersen, Jorn Rosengreen, Ferid Catak, Poul Erik Poulsen, and Elo Rasmussen in front of Jorn's loft.


2001 Eric Laidler, Tim Decker, U.S.A., Henning Pedersen, Ferid Catak, and Jorn Rosengreen in front of Jorn's loft.
2002Ferid Catak and Heine Bijker, Holland in front of Ferid's loft.