2000 WC Fly Champions
Monty Neibel & Ewald Botha

Thank You All, near and far, for your support in making the 2000 WC Fly a success.

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Judge -Heine Bijker

Fly Off Report

Position Competitor Points Region
1 Monty Neibel 1894.40 Northwest International
2 Don Ouellette 483.00 Northern California -Coast
3 Rick Mee 376.32 South Central
4 Gary Stephens 229.84 Northwest International
5 Tim Decker 220.50 Southern California
6 Clay Hoyle 201.88 Southeast
7 Willie Silvey 199.42 Central
8 Sam Damommio 180.83 Texas
9 Randy Gibson 154.70 Southern California
10 Nick Burcher 145.08 Northern California-Coast
11 John Jones 141.00 Southern California-San Diego
12 Reggie Stewart 126.72 Southern California- Northern
13 Mike Novinfar 84.96 Northern California- Coast
14 Robert Felix 80.52 Southern California- Northern
15 Bill Roy 76.32 Central
16 Homer Griggs 72.80 Texas
17 Ken Easley 70.98 New Mexico
18 Al Luna 56.42 Arizona
19 Norm Herring 52.00 South Central
20 Tom Brower 10.00 Northern California
21 Roy Edmonds 5.00 Northern California
22 Craig Wiggs DQ Southern California- Northern
23 Jerry Higgins DNF Southern California
24 Jack Meyers DNF Northern California


The following Flyers were unable to compete in the 2000 W/C and will receive an automatic bye for the 2001 world cup fly
BYE Garry Barres DNF Northern Rocky Mountains
BYE Ken Billings DNF Northern Rocky Mountains
BYE Jay Starley DNF Rocky Mountain
BYE Guil Rand DNF Rocky Mountain
BYE Merv Miller DNF Western Plains
BYE Dave Gehrke DNF North Central- West
BYE Richard Miller DNF North Central- West
BYE Brian Ridley DNF New England
BYE Ron Kumro DNF East

European/South African Fly-off Results
Peter Harper, WC Fly-off Judge

1st Place   Ewald Botha  214.06 points South Africa
2nd Place   Jimmy Roodt 201.74 South Africa
3rd Place 
  Dave Mosley 126.72 Great Britian
4th Place   Peter Handy 89.76 Great Britian
5th Place Jorgen Rosengreen   86.40 Denmark Region
6th Place Gawie Cilliers     76.44 South Africa
7th Place Duke Jacobs   48.84 South Africa
8th Place  Jude Rosco   36.30 South Africa
9th Place  Invin Kay  34.10 South Africa
10th Place Mark Callan  27.72 South Africa
  Brian Lockheart 18.48 South Africa
  Brian Lockheart  18.48 South Africa
  Johnny Conradie   D.Q. South Africa
  William Hoogenberg  D.Q. Holland Region
     My World Cup trip in-between the judging. 
My first day was a long  day, after four flights I arrived in Charlotte NC where Clay Hoyle picked me up. Clay lives at a beautiful place and he took me sightseeing in the area. I thought that if everyone takes care of me like Clay did I would have the time of my life in America. The evening after Clay flew his kit, Joe Bob Stuka [ a name in the roller pigeon world.] took me to his house in Waxhaw SC. The next morning Joe Bob flew some of his birds for me and we had a look in his lofts, after this he took me to the airport for my flight to Mobile Alabama. In Mobile Jerome Carodine, David ……, Don Simpson and Rick Mee were waiting for me at the airport. After a good Barbecue Rick had to go to work for a few hours and we went to Rick’s place to watch some video’s. Rick gave me a “Pigeon Debut” and I realized that a man like Rick is doing a lot of work and promotion for us fanciers, we are very lucky to have people like him in our Birmingham Roller hobby.
With our sunflower seeds eating chauffeur Jerome, David, Don and I left Rick’s that evening to drive to the next qualifier Norm Herring in Clinton Mississippi. We arrived in the middle of the night an slept in a hotel. The next morning Norm led us from the hotel to his beautiful house where he can grow his fruit and has a great place to fly his pigeons.
After Norm’s flight we all went to town to have breakfast together, after this Norm and Glenn Johnson drove me to northern Mississippi where we met Steve Clayton. Steve took me to the “Lady Luck” casino’s to give me a chance to win a lot of money, I failed, but I think it’s difficult for a man to win in a “Lady Luck” casino. Steve is a very nice guy and I had a great time, he told me he was a dog in an earlier life and I still wonder what kind of dog that could have been.
Steve and Vicky took me to their place in Arkansas, we spend some time with his pigeons and he explained to me how he is going to create his champion family of rollers.
Later that day Steve and I drove to Missouri where  we met Eldon Cheney at John Schmeltzer and Lisa Meier’s [they like Scrambled eggs, now me too.]
To meet Eldon Cheney again and in America after two years was really nice, I enjoyed talking with him about his judging trip in ’98, Eldon gave me a beautiful hatpin.  
The next morning we went to Bill Roy’s place to judge his birds. I met over there a wonderful group of fanciers from that region who came to watch Bill Roy’s fly. Bill has a nice place to fly pigeons. I continued my trip from here with Ferrell and June Bussing and Eldon, we went to a Bass Pro Outdoor Shop a very interesting place to have a look. With Ferrell and June, I went on to Wichita Kansas to meet the next flyer, the fighting chicken and Birmingham roller fancier Willie Silvey. He has a lot of henhouses, pigeon lofts, kit boxes and a beautiful “conditioning room”. Nice group of people to watch Willie’s kit fly. Next stop with Ferrell and June was in Oklahoma-city at the pigeon center ; “World of Wings”, where you could have a look at all kinds of pigeon lofts for show, racing or performing pigeons, there’s also a museum and library with everything about pigeons and all of this from donations! Later that day we had an entertaining visit at Hugh Smith’s, a “trailrider” and roller man in Oklahoma-city, from here Ferrell and June took me to the airport for my flight to Dallas Texas. At the airport I had to say goodbye, to these two wonderful nice people who took really good care of me, they are worth a fortune for the roller hobby in this region. Arriving in Dallas, Sam Damommio picked me up, the next morning Sam flew his birds and afterwards he took Homer Griggs and me to see a beautiful piece of art, a group of mustangs [statues] crossing a river. After a delicious barbecue in a nice restaurant Sam took us, Homer and I left Arlington and went to Homer’s place in Stephenville.
A lot of things to see at Homer’s ranch, he put me on one of his horses for a picture [a proof that I really was in Texas], he also gave a demonstration with his border collie herding some sheep.
Chasing a kit of Birmingham rollers in a “gator” was a new event for me, but not what we really wanted, the wind spoiled Homer’s fly. The next day Milford Sanders the Texas RD picked me up at Homer’s and took me to Palmer where Milford lives, we had a look at his pigeons and lofts.
After we had dinner in a Mexican restaurant Milford took me to the airport for my flight to Albuquerque New Mexico. Ken Easley with wife Lisa and daughter were waiting for me at the airport and took me to their house in the hills. I handled all of Ken’s birds and realized that he has a beautiful family of birds in his loft. Early next morning we flew Ken’s birds, but the wind hurt his fly too. After breakfast and sightseeing Ken took me to the airport for my next flight to Arizona. At the Phoenix airport I met AL Luna who offered to carry all my luggage, but when I told him I couldn’t change my consistent judging, I had to carry all of it myself.
Al is a good host and a nice guy, but I didn’t want to sleep in the same bed with him, so I slept on the couch. Unfortunately his birds [all Mason family] didn’t show me their real potential this time. We visited Mike Eppard [nice pigeons and computer pictures], and later that afternoon Al dropped me at the airport [carried all the luggage myself] for my flight to San Diego California.
In San Diego Al Eoff was waiting for me at the luggage and I was waiting at the gate, but 15 min. later we found each other and left. Al and his wife Paula took me for dinner to a beautiful restaurant with a great view over the San Diego bay. Al is an interesting person with his beautiful self built house, garden and pigeon lofts.
The next morning I met some of Al’s pigeon friends; Steve Moore, Jorge Rodriguez and Jim Wahlroos and together we visited surfboard producing Eric Schoelkopf who flew his kit for us, but the show stopped when two cooper hawks chased the kit real high. We did some great sightseeing over the San Diego bay and the Pacific. That evening we had a nice dinner at a fish restaurant with Al Eoff, Eric Schoelkopf and Mel Mabon, with their wives and children.
The next morning Al and Mel took me to John Jones the San Diego Region finalist to judge his kit, nice pigeons and loft. John is a hard working pigeon trainer, to bad that he was disappointed in his birds this time. I met Tim Decker at John’s, and he and Randy Gibson took me to the Southern California Region, on the way we visited Sal Salvador a very nice hospitable roller man. That evening at dinner I met Doug Brown and Jan van der Broek two active roller fanciers in this region. The next morning I first judged Randy’s kit and than Tim’s [ they both could have done better] later we visited Jan van der Broek with his beautiful Arabian horses, nice Birmingham rollers and cool Budweiser's. That evening I had a look in Randy’s lofts, he owns some colorful families of Birmingham rollers, with a lot of spinners amongst them he said. Jay Holman delivering pigeons in a huge brand-new limousine was a new experience for me [ must have been really special birds!]. Tim Decker took really good care of me for a few days, we visited Joe Bowers and he went into the California desert with me to visit Norm Reed, who I met before in Holland, these two men both own beautiful families of rollers.
Tim flew his birds for me every evening if possible and he sure owns an excellent family of rollers. My next stop was the South California North Region, I stayed with the family Goss. I had a great time in Burbank, the first day Sharon Goss took me sightseeing in L.A., Hollywood , Burbank and we visited a beautiful rose garden. poor Dave had to work]. That evening their daughter Bonnie took me to the city walk and we had an entertaining dinner in the Hard rock cafe.
The next morning we went to judge Reggie Stuart’s kit, and for the rest of the day Sharon took me to visit Jerry Higgins [ poor Dave had to work again ], a great roller man in California, I’m really glad that I’ve met Jerry. The third day Dave had a day off and we went together to judge the kits of  Robert Felix and Craig Wiggs. In the same time Sharon picked up Larry Hollingsworth from New Mexico at the airport and that afternoon the four of us went to Universal Studio’s Hollywood, an eye-opening and wonderful experience, an old-timers car show and a delicious dinner ended this day. The next morning we went to the California Classics [ every fancier can take two young birds ( 160 $ ) to the Classics loft manager who trains all these birds for a year , at the end of that year after five times judging the judges and the trainer point out the best bird who wins the Classics, this year it was lucky Larry Hollingsworth.] this event brings a lot of fanciers together. Here I met Brent Timeus my host for the North California Coast Region, with Brent I went judging Don Ouelette, Mike Novinfar and Nick Burcher three kits in a row.
Afterwards we saw exhibition kits of Jay Branch, Mike Walden [ nice birds, good jerky] and Michael Allen & son. That evening we went to visit Ramsey Alouni, I filmed their entire animal Park, and I really enjoyed it [they own a lot of different pigeon breeds], later we had a pleasant gathering at Don Ouelette’s place.
The next morning Brent flew his birds for me and later we left for a sightseeing trip along the coast. We went to Ano Nuevo point where we saw the elephant seals and smelled them!
In San Francisco we crossed the Golden Gate and the Richmond bridge and finally in Livermore we met Scott Campbell, who took me to the Northern California Region, the last one in California. That evening we had a barbecue at Scott’s beautiful place with roller friends and families. The next day I judged Roy Edmonds kit, and after their high fly demonstration he took me for a visit to Wayne Leverett who flew some nice birds for us. That evening I judged Tom Brower’s kit, who tried to beat Roy in highflying, he failed.
Scott and Tammy Campbell my hosts in Valley Springs took me to the Sacramento airport the next day for my flight to Portland Oregon. Gary Stephens a real easy to recognize pigeon man [hat with lots of hatpins and fly jacket] was waiting for me at the gate and took me to his beautiful place with impressive American pit-bull terriers and beautiful pigeon lofts.
The next morning before the judging one of his dogs tried to intimidate me but I can assure you that the judge remained consistent. That afternoon Gary took me sightseeing to the in 1980 erupted volcano, Mount St Helena, where we also spotted some deer and beautiful elk.
After feeding me some shu-shi [Japanese rice-fish] Gary dropped me at the airport for my flight to Vancouver Canada. In Vancouver, customs checked all my luggage, so after some delay I met David Kaplan who drove me to the ferry to take me across to Vancouver Island where I would meet Monty. I really talking with David, he is from South Africa and he understood my Dutch and I his Afrikaans, we talked about his huge falcon problem, they kill almost all his birds, it’s very hard for him to stay in the hobby.
That night when I arrived at Vancouver Island Monty was waiting for me and took me to his house in Qualicum Beach. Friday June 9, Monty fixed me some breakfast and took me sightseeing to Qualicum River and to a place where a storm had destroyed and damaged some giant trees. Later this day we flew some of his young birds and we saw some of his wildlife videos, the weather wasn’t to good, raining and windy. That evening Monty took me to the Sawmill Restaurant for dinner and later this evening we picked up Aaron Johnson at the bus stop, he came over to watch Monty’s kit fly and go fishing with Monty.
Saturday June 10, we were up early and took off to the harbor to go fishing, Monty wanted me to catch a huge salmon. Once the boat was in the water, Monty started hit giant outboard motor and launched us like a rocket to the middle of the bay, where we started fishing. Within 5 minutes we caught a  4 to 5 pound salmon, Aaron and I liked it, but Monty said it was to small and released it. We thought the salmon were awake and waiting for us because of this early catch, but it appeared the only salmon awake this morning. One moment we saw a seal and Monty grabbed his gun and aimed but then he thought it was a log and didn’t shoot it, his eyes weren’t good enough that morning, because a moment later when it dove under he realized his mistake. That afternoon we saw some of  Monty’s pigeon videos he had filmed himself, and we listened to him complaining about the weather, every half-hour he was outside to have a look at the weather. At 5.30 our nervous Monty decided to fly, he was thinking about flying the next morning, but he prepared his kit to fly this evening and at this time the weather was really nice.
After his incredible fly he was really glad that his birds had worked this hard, because the last two times he had them out they were just as good as this time he said, and he was afraid that they wouldn’t do it for the third time. This evening Monty prepared us a white-tail-deer-steak, and he had a lot of fun talking to friends on the phone about his incredible score.
Sunday June 11, we were up at six and had breakfast, I packed my things, said goodbye to Aaron, and Monty and I left for the ride to the ferry, but we never arrived.
After the accident during my days in the Nanaimo hospital I was taken care of very good. I want to thank all those people who visited and phoned me during those days. I received a lot of  e-mails and cards with a lot of beautiful and nice words, they were a great help to me and my family , thanks all of you for that. I would like to answer all of you, for all those messages and maybe I will, but I had a hard time in concentrating for writing my fly off report, so it may take some time. I want to thank all those people who made the first four weeks of my trip an unforgettable experience, I enjoyed it so much. My special thanks go out to my friend and World Cup Coordinator Steve Clayton, who did a wonderful job in organizing my trip, and all the support we had from him after the accident. One day I hope to meet all of you again and maybe all those people I was going to meet. It’s a sad feeling that I couldn’t finish the trip, that it had to end like this.
                                                           Heine Bijker.

  Fly report in judging order. W.C. 2000.  
Clay Hoyle – South East Region     North Carolina
201.88 points  7 7 5 6 6 7 6 8 6 5 5 6 7 6 5 6 5
raw. 103        Q 1.4        D 1.4        19 birds
Beautiful weather conditions, kit was active , quite a few decent rollers in the kit. Kitting was to loose  [spread out] for the bigger simultaneous breaks.
Often a lot of birds dropping but not showing a decent scorable roll. Nervous fly pattern what didn’t give the kit the time to reorganize for the next break.
Working with these birds, Clay can be in the top half of this competition every year.
Rick Mee -  South Central Region    Alabama
376.32 points  5 6 10 9 5 10 12 11 5 6 5 10 15
raw. 192      Q  1.4      D1.4        20 birds.
Nice weather with a breeze. Rick wanted to fly as late as possible [no wind and cooler] but not really fair to the pigeons is my opinion because they can and will fly into the dark with all the risks involved. The kit had a strange fly pattern no fig. 8 or circle, what probably caused the lack of activity.
The breaks they scored were nice with decent quality and depth, with some nice half turns. After scoring time they showed some of their real potential  and I really liked that. Rick will always be a tough competitor to beat if you want to win the World Cup.
Norm Herring -  South Central Region     Mississippi
52  points   5 5 5 6 5 5 5 5 6 5
 raw 52      Q 1.0      D  1.0         20  birds
Good weather, kit flew very nervous like a group of youngsters, fast changing of flying directions and not finishing the roll if they started. Some of the breaks they made were just scorable during the 20 min. fly. Half an hour later they flew more relaxed and showed us that there were some nice rollers in the kit.
Bill Roy -  Missouri
76.32 points   5 5 5 6 5 7 8 7 5
raw 53       Q 1.2      D 1.2        20 birds
Maybe to nice calm weather. Bill’s kit came out and  showed us some real nice small breaks, but then went up real high, too high to score all the breaks and to get a real good view of the quality and depth.
I would have liked to see his kit at a nice height.
Willie Silvey -  Kansas
199.44 points   5 5 5 6 5 5 7 5 6 5 5 5 5 7 6 6 5 6 8 5 6
 raw 118      Q 1.3      D 1.3          20 birds
Good flying weather. First kit I saw that flew a beautiful  fig. 8 pattern, but the kitting was not tight enough to get the bigger breaks. A few pigeons in his kit showed a lot better quality than the overall quality scored in this fly.
Willie will be back.
Sam Damommio -   Texas
180.83 points    5 5 6 8 6 5 7 5 7 6 6 5 9 5 6 6 5 5
raw 107       Q 1.3       D 1.3            18 birds
Sam’s kit started real nice, and started working with a good frequency. This kit too scored a lot of small breaks and again I think it had to do with a kit that flies to wide spread. A kit that flies tighter together will score bigger and more simultaneous breaks. Quality at the end of the flight was better than in the first part of the fly.
Homer Griggs      Texas
72.8 points   6 5 5 8 6 5 5
raw 40           Q 1.4         D 1.3         19 birds.
Hard wind. The kit was blown away immediately. We followed the kit in the “gator”, and they even scored a few breaks about a mile away from their loft.
The last few minutes they flew near the loft and scored some nice breaks in which a few birds showed some good quality. The kitting was not tight enough but fighting the hard wind was the main reason this kit couldn’t show their real potential. Bad luck for Homer.
Ken Easley -  New Mexico
70.98 points 6 6 5 7 7 6 5
raw 42          Q 1.3     D1.3     20 birds.
Ken was a bit disappointed that I arrived too late for him to fly that evening, because he always flies in the evening, nice cool weather and no wind.
The next morning it was windy  when Ken flew his kit, the birds came out and started flying in fast rightwing circles. The kit only scored a few small breaks.
His birds were probably not ready for the job and the weather was not a real help. At the end of the fly I saw some real good individuals.
Al Luna -  Arizona
56.42 points     6 6 5 9 5
raw  31     Q 1.4      D1.3        20 birds
It was windy that evening when Al flew his birds. The birds kept flying to low and now in opposite to Ken’s birds in fast leftwing turns. Only a few scorable breaks. According to friends in the yard this kit was capable of a lot more than shown in this fly. Some good rollers in the kit, but the birds were just not ready to do the job together that evening. You have to try again Al and otherwise look at the back of your pedigree sheet.
John Jones -   San Diego California Region
141.96  points   5 6 5 6 5 6 6 5 5 5 6 5 7 6
raw 78    Q 1.4      D 1.3         20 birds
A bit later than planned John released his kit, they started working and we saw some little breaks. They probably flew to low. After about 5 min. some of the cock birds in the kit started show flying, they seemed to feel to strong. Since this the kit hardly scored a break again. John was disappointed it just wasn’t his day.
He had some good spinners in this kit, he can do a lot better than this, he will be back.
Randy Gibson -   Southern California Region.
154.70 points   5 5 5 8 7 6 5 6 5 5 6 6 6 5 5
raw 85      Q 1.4      D 1.3            19 birds
Randy’s birds started promising but the kit had a nervous fly pattern and they didn’t kit tight to get the big breaks. But the kit did score quite some breaks in the first 6 min. After this period a few birds started leaving the kit what stopped the scoring. But I sure think it wasn’t the kits best day. Randy promised to do better in future competitions. Be careful with colors.  
Tim Decker -    Southern California Region.
220.50 points    6 5 5 7 8 5 5 5 6 6 7 7 5 8 8 7 5
raw 105       Q 1.5     D 1.4         18 birds
A nice quality kit with a nice flying pattern what gave the birds the time to reorganize for the next break. Nevertheless no real big breaks were scored. Work rate frequency of the kit was to low. Tim has some excellent rollers in his kit. Always difficult to beat in competition.
Reggie Stewart -  Southern California North Region.
126.72 points     5 5 6 6 7 5 6 5 6 7 5 7 5 5 5 6 5
raw 96     Q 1.2     D1.1                20 birds.
Reggie’s birds were real hungry, he fed them some millet before he let them out.
The first half of the time they didn’t finish the roll or work together, just a lot of non scorable action. The second half of the time was better and they scored quite some small breaks, the kit was real active. The longer they flew the better the quality we saw. Reggie sure owns some decent rollers.      
Robert Felix -   So. Ca. No. Region.
80.52 points.     5 6 6 5 5 6 5 6 6 5 6
raw  61       Q 1.1       D 1.2         20 birds.
Robert is an enthusiastic flyer, he wants to be among the best flyers within a few years. His birds just didn’t do what Robert said that they were capable of.
The kit did score some breaks but Robert wasn’t happy with what they did this day. I saw a few nice rollers in the kit.
Craig Wiggs -  So. Ca. No. Region.
 D.Q.              20 birds.
It was already 9.30  and getting warm this day so maybe that hurt his birds, because after a few small breaks and about 9 min. of flying his kit landed what caused this D.Q.  Craig does have some quality rollers I saw that in the short time they flew. It’s sad that a fly ends like this, I hope for more luck for Craig the next time. He sure has a nice loft.
Don Ouelette -  North California Coast Region.
483 points   5 5 7 5 6 11 6 7 8 10 5 5 8 7 12 5 5 9 9 8 11 6 6 5 6 9
raw 230       Q1.5       D1.4             19 birds.
Don flew early in the morning at 06.00, it was still foggy, overcast and a chilly breeze. When he let his birds out they needed a few minutes to get out of the yard and gain some height before he put them on the clock. For a moment I was afraid that they would land again. His birds were active and scored beautiful breaks with nice style and depth. I would have liked this kit too to kit tighter for probably bigger breaks. The kit was working for the entire 20 min. The best kit so far.
Mike Novinfar -   No. Ca. Co. Region.
84.96 points         6 6 5 5 6 5 5 5 6 5 5   
raw 59              Q1.2       D1.2        19 birds.
The kit flew strong and the kitting was good and tight, but the kit was kind of stiff, not a lot of action. I believe Mike told me that he flew a kind of hawk attack left over kit, so he didn’t have much of a choice of what to fly. I hope for less attacks for Mike the next year.
Nick Burcher -  No. Ca. Co. Region.
145.08 points     6 5 5 6 8 7 7 5 5 7 5 5 6 5 6 5
raw 93        Q1.3     D1.2          20 birds.
This kit started really active with nice tight short rolling. The first half of the fly the kit scored nice but the second half they went up high and stopped scoring. The kit flew to fast and nervous, maybe of earlier hawk attacks? It seemed to me that these birds are capable of doing a lot better than this day.
Roy Edmonds -  North California Region
5  points             5
raw 5        Q  1.0     D 1.0     20 birds
I met Roy two days before this fly, and listening to him for two days I was hoping for a kit just as enthusiastic as their trainer. Unfortunately the enthusiasm they showed was not in rolling but in flying. Roy released the kit and they only made one scorable break and then went up real fast to unscorable heights, only three birds stayed lower. Bad luck for Roy because I believe he has excellent rollers in his loft. A real entertaining fancier.
Tom Brower -   No. Ca. Region.
10 points          5 5
raw 10    Q 1.0    D1.0   20 birds.
Tom flew instead of Jack Meyers who had some problems and couldn’t fly. The #3  qualifier said his birds were not ready to fly so Tom had a chance in this W.C. fly. Toms kit showed some nonscorable action and went up real high.
They scored two breaks and flew flat and to high for the rest of the time. Tom hadn’t trained his birds for this fly because he only knew it one day before. Amazing how he beat his friend Roy.
Gary Stephens -   North West International Region.
229.84 points       5 5 5 5 5 6 5 5 5 6 6 7 7 6 8 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 6 7
raw 136        Q1.3    D 1.3           19 birds.
The weather was nice a breeze and an overcast sky. The kit came out real active and scored quickly a number of small breaks. This kit too [like many others I’ve seen] flew to wide spread, what in my opinion caused the lack of bigger breaks, because the kit was active enough and there were enough quality birds to do it!
Nevertheless a nice score for Gary.
Monty Neibel -  Vancouver Island  B C  Canada.
1894.40 points    5 6 7 9 6 8 10 6 10 11 10 13 7 6 7 12 7 13 15 6 12 8 5 6 12 9 10 8
                           8 7 8 7 15 10 12 9 6 14 10 9 10 9 5 10 7 10 14 15 8
 raw 740       Q 1.6      D 1.6          20 birds.
Monty was complaining about the weather all the time, but for a perfectionist like he was the weather is terrible if it’s not perfect. I thought the weather wasn’t to bad during the day, some wind, some sun, some rain but Monty was talking about a storm and raining cats and dogs. He was just nervous, he was very nervous. He wanted to fly that evening because of his feeding and training schedule, and so he wanted to have perfect weather that evening at 6.25 because that was the time he talked about all day, so not 5, 6 or 7 , no his time was 6.25. He was the master so I just listened to his complaining about the weather and his flying time and feeding schedule. Talking about feeding ; the last two times I saw that he fed his # 1 team he only gave them one teaspoon of millet and some mineral powder and he called that feeding! Of course this was just a part of his way to get them ready for competition. I handled a few of his birds and they felt really strong and muscular, a beautiful small strong pigeon, a real sport pigeon. I was afraid that some of his birds would be nothing but feathers and look real sloppy, but it was the opposite, strong healthy and good looking birds, so the torturing Monty sometimes talked about couldn’t be that hard. Monty just created an excellent family of birds, tough, strong, healthy, good-looking and hardworking pigeons, but I think they need the hand of a real good trainer to get them to work like he did.
That afternoon at 5.30 our very nervous Monty decided to fly because he thought the weather wasn’t going to change to be better. At that time it was overcast with a spit of rain and almost wind still so it was beautiful weather to fly. Monty wanted an overcast sky because he was afraid that his birds would go up high. As soon as he released the birds he called time in, and I started calling the first score within the first minute and they scored for the entire 20 min. It was amazing to see how in every break the birds rolled with beautiful style and velocity, the same depth and all the birds with almost the same quality.
It was easy judging, just count the birds that rolled out of the kit.
Almost immediately after the kit was together again there was the next break. It was such a wonderful show to watch that my mouth fell open and I almost forgot to call the score a few times. I’ve never seen a kit work this hard doing what we always want them to do ; roll together with style, speed and depth. It’s such a pity that there were only three people to watch this incredible show. [ The performance my birds gave last year was different, my birds were kitting tighter and waited longer between the breaks, there was more difference in quality between my birds in the kit I flew.] 
49    breaks in 20 minutes, what a show! Monty told me right after the fly, he had a hard
time to keep his mouth shut, he said:” I wanted to shout every time they made a big break”.  If you think that his birds fell right out of the sky after a show like this you’re wrong. A few minutes after the 20 min. fly after I recovered from the shock of the
scoringsheet the birds flew real high, and most of them flew for at least another hour.
I do realize that a lot of people don’t or won’t believe that his birds scored so many points, and I was a bit disappointed that he scored a lot more points than my 1300 points worldrecord of last year, but I can only say that every break his birds made there was no doubt  about scoring it or not because of the constant same good quality rolls they showed, it was just a matter of counting the birds. It’s just very sad that there are only two people left who witnessed this show. I hope no one of the other qualifiers feels offended because of this much more detailed flyreport  of Monty’s last fly than theirs, but I think everyone understands.
   World Cup 2000 Judge  Heine Bijker

2000 World Cup Coordinators and Regional Directors

North American Coordinator
& General Coordinator
Steve Clayton
2365 Graham Rd.
Cabot, AR 72023-9511    USA
N. Central West Region
John Hawxby
P.O. Box 91
Hartford, IA 50118
Texas Region
Milford Sanders
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Jim Hostalek
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2000 world cup qualifying round

British  section



POSITION                          BREAKS                            KITING  MERIT  TOTAL   COND

 1.   P. HANDY                 1*16 2*14 1*12 2*10 4*9 2*8 3*7 6*6 4*5                19             95               411            CLOUDY

2.   BAINES&MOSLEY  1*15 1*14 1*12 1*10 2*9 5*8 4*7 4*6 7*5                18            75               355            RAIN

3.   P. HARPER                 1*12 1*11 3*10 3*9 4*8 2*7 4*6 5*5                         20             80               348            DRIZZLE

4.   M. PROUDMAN        1*16 1*12 1*10 2*9 1*8 5*7 3*6 5*5                         20            95               318            DRIZZLE

5.   P. WILLIAMS            2*12 3*10 2*8 2*7 9*6 4*5                                          20            50               282            CLOUDY

6.   T. BAGLEY                 1*12 3*10 3*9 3*8 3*7 4*6 2*5                                 19            60               269            CLOUDY

7.   J. WANLESS              1*14 1*10 2*9 1*8 3*7 4*6 4*5                                  20            80               244            DRIZZLE

8.   K. JOHNSTONE         2*12 1*10 4*8 3*7 4*6 1*5                                      19            65               235            OVERCAST

9.   T. SLATER                  2*10 2*8 2*7 6*6 5*5                                                 19            60               210            CLOUDY

10. M. BILTON                 1*12 1*10 1*8 2*7 2*6 6*5                                        18            80               206            MIST

11. B. SHACKLETON      4*7 5*6 7*5                                                                19            80               192            RAIN

12. K. WILKINSON         1*10 1*9 1*8 1*7 6*6 5*5                                          18            40               163            CLOUDY

13. G. KITSON                  1*8 1*7 3*6 7*5                                                         19            50               142            O/CAST

14. G. DEXTER                 1*9 2*8 2*6 5*5                                                         19            60               141            CLOUDY

15. B. THREADGILL        2*10 1*7 1*6 2*5                                                      14            60               137            DRIZZLE

16. P. LARVIN                  1*9 1*8 3*6 3*5                                                          19            65               134            MIST

17. G. MASON                  1*10 2*8 2*6 4*5                                                       17            40               131            CLOUDY

18. G. FROST                    2*8 1*6 4*5                                                                20            55               117            DRIZZLE

19. S. RICHARDSON       4*5                                                                             20            45                 85            CLOUDY

20. A. MILNE                    2*6 2*5                                                                      20            40                 82            FOG

21. A. GOODISON           2*5                                                                            20            45                 75            DRIZZLE

22. J. LENIHAN                1*9 1*7 2*6 1*5 (-50 DOWN 11 MIN )               20            60                 69            CLOUDY

23. T. HARPER                 1*6 2*5                                                                     15            35                 66            CLOUDY

24. M. CRANNEY            1*6 1*5                                                                     19            30                 60            CLOUDY

25. M. EVANS                  1*5                                                                            20            30                 55            MIST

25. B. FEWLASS              1*5                                                                            20            30                 55            MIST

26. D. JOHNSTONE         1*6                                                                         15            30                 51            DRIZZLE

27. S. MCGLORY                                                                                              16            25                 41            CLOUDY

28. P. LEE                                                                                                          20            20                 40            V/WINDY

28. K. FEWLASS                                                                                              20            20                 40            MIST

29. H. WARRINER           2*5  (-50 LANDED 14 MIN )                            15            50                 25            MIST

30. P. LARVIN                          (-50 LANDED 2 MIN)                                17            50                 17            MIST

30. M. BILTON                         (-50 LANDED 2 MIN )                              17           50                 17            MIST

31. G. TEMPLEMAN               (-50 LANDED 2 MIN )                             17            30                 -3             MIST





2000 World Cup Qualifier English Section

  It was a great honour to be asked to judge a competition like the World Cup Qualifier. It was for me a chance to see how the standard of rollers are around England and also a perfect opportunity to meet some friends old and new.

 I was very impressed with the kits we saw and both myself and Paul Lee agreed that we thought the standard of rollers is better than it was six or seven years ago. Paul told me that in the five years he had been going round on the World Cup Fly and the National Championships, this year he had seen some of the best kits which must tell us that the standard of rollers is getting better.

 What impressed me most was the size of the breaks and the overall work rate of most of the teams. I suppose the weather played a bit of a part in this as most kits had overcast skies and a fine drizzle which seemed to excite the birds and keep their wing beat nice and steady.

 One of the things I noticed was the condition of the birds, some of them looked more ready for the show pen rather than the kit, a real credit to the fanciers. Maybe long gone are the day’s of pigeon’s sat in kit boxes looking crap?

 It seems most fanciers are flying the shorter type of rollers for competition which worked really well in good style. With the exception of a few of the Hull lads who prefer the fast amd medium to deep rollers for competition and their own personnel pleasure.

 I really enjoyed the fly from beginning to the end, it was an experience I will never forget. I met some really nice people and saw some fantastic pigeons which made the experience  even more worthwhile. For someone like myself who is a keen and eager to learn more about rollers, their cannot be a better way to learn than to watch them and ask different fanciers about them.

 I would just now like to thank everyone who made myself and Paul very welcome and made us a drink and something to eat along the way, far to many to mention.

 Thanks to Peter and Denise Harper for the great night out. ( Pete told me we couldn’t leave the Boro without us having a f***ing good drink.) Needless to say we left Pete’s the next morning at 5:30am feeling crap (Thanks Mate).

 I would also like to say a big thank you to Paul and Marilyn who put up with me and the fantastic meals Marilyn made for us all. Paul defiantly deserves a mention for all he doe’s for the roller hobby, World Cup and the Nationals ect the list is endless. Paul still flew a kit of rollers despite the very strong winds and he hadn’t been near his loft for five day’s, sacrificing his own pigeons to help keep the World Cup Fly going.

 Thanks Paul it was a real pleasure being in your company, I couldn’t of asked for better.

 I will sign off now leaving you with a brief rundown of the top ten kits and wishing you all the very best for the remainder of your flies, Good Luck and Good Flying. 

Yours in Sport and Friendship

 Keith Richardson

World Cup Qualifier Judge 2000

Top Ten Qualifiers 2000 World Cup

English Section

 1st           411 Points                 Peter Handy               An excellent team of quality rollers, myself and Paul both agreed that this kit was         probably the best kit of rollers either of us had ever seem. They put in some very big breaks with           an almost perfect wing action. A real pleasure to watch and judge, a very worthy winning kit.             Well Done.

 2nd          355 Points                 Dave Mosley and Ian Baines               Again a very good kit of rollers breaking really well, a very active kit from start to Finnish,       rolling with really nice style. A lot of following through breaks stopped this kit from putting in        some nice big breaks. This kit did well to stay up after a heavy downpour at 10 minutes. Well       done Lads!

 3rd          348 Points                 Peter Harper               We all know the World Cup capabilities of this man, Pete’s team was quieter than I have         seen them before, but was blown right down the road and wouldn’t gain height but they still           managed to put in a few big breaks showing good style and were just piped into third place.


4th          318 Points                 Mick Proudman              This is the team I though was going through, they flew at a perfect height in perfect style           and started to work straight away. A cracking kit of birds with some really good rollers in. Mick       always puts up a good kit of birds for the World Cup Fly, so I’m sure he will be their again next   year.

 5th          282 Points                 Paul Williams              This team was none stop from start to finish, putting in some really good work rate but                         wouldn’t gain any height. They managed to stay up, and put on a good show.

 6th          269 Points                 Tony Bagley              This kit was a very nice kit of birds and started putting in some good breaks but were chased by a hawk and had to be taken off the clock. Tony was very unlucky as they were putting    in some real big breaks but were to high to judge.

 7th          244 Points                 John Wanless               Again like last year I saw some good quality rollers here but this year they were blown             right down the road by the gusty winds but still managed to put on a good show. This kit      reminded me a lot like Mick Proudmans birds a really nice style of roll. It was just a shame they didn’t lift as I am sure these would have done much better.

  8th          235 Points                 Kevin Johnstone              Another very active kit but went quiet after about 8 minutes, Kev did say that he hadn’t           had the birds out much recently which is a shame especially if they had carried on as they had       started out.

 9th          210 Points                 Trevor Slater              Trevor had really good weather conditions with a slight breeze. The birds started out quite       lethargic but started to warm up halfway into the fly and seemed to really tighten up in the roll            and put some nice breaks in. If the birds had a bit longer on the clock they would have scored           much more.


10th        206 Points                 Mark Bilton    It was nice to see Mark claim a top ten position as the weather was really crap in Hull with Low mist dominating the day with rain falling later in the fly. Due to the low mist the pigeons didn’t gain any height which stopped them from performing but some nice quality birds were seen but due to the weather and the depth of the birds in Hull the kits couldn’t perform.

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    Arizona Regional World Cup Fly Results

            By Tom Tillery, 2000 Regional Judge Apr. 15 & 16

  First Place-----Al Luna ------------- Raw 125-----Quality 1.5------Depth 1.5------------------281 points   6, 10, 10, 7, 5, 14, 9, 12, 6

About 75 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze. These birds were really working together. Al is a very entertaining fellow and his pigeons aren’t bad either.

 Second Place---Lee McGuffee------Raw 110-----Quality 1.3------Depth 1.2------------------171 points   6, 7, 8, 6, 7, 8, 9, 7, 6, 7, 10, 7, 5, 7

Clear and bright around 80 degrees. Nice clean kit. Could have thrown a hula hoop around all 20. These birds will go deeper in time. Lee is going to be a tough customer to beat. 

Third Place---Joe Canteloupe-------Raw 61------Quality 1.4-----Depth 1.4------------------119 points   7, 8, 6, 5, 7, 8, 7, 6, 7

Birds released right at sunrise. Cool with a breeze. Joe’s pigeons had the potential to be at the top but they  couldn’t get it together. Just a bad day at black rock.

 Fourth Place---Gary Richards------Raw 72------Quality 1.2------Depth 1.3------------------112 points   7, 6, 6, 5, 5, 6, 7, 6, 5, 6, 7, 6

Breezy and clear.  Some outstanding spinners in this kit. I saw an exceptional yellow pigeon going about 25 to 30 feet. Wind hurt quality and out birds caused some missed breaks.

 Fifth Place---John Davidson--------Raw 71-------Quality 1.2------Depth 1.1------------------93 points   6, 6, 8, 5, 5, 6, 7, 5, 7, 6, 5, 5

Calm clear and bright.  A lot of frequency going on but they came up a little short on the depth scale. John is a real gentleman in the sport.

 Sixth Place---Don Reese-------------Raw 52--------Quality 1.2-----Depth 1.2-------------------74 points   6, 5, 5, 6, 8, 5, 5, 7, 5

Around 80 degrees, slight breeze, clear. Great kitting.  A little maturity will help these pigeons. Excellent loft management and a very clean set up. That cold soda earned you an extra 10 points! Thanks

 Seventh Place---Bruce Klajda-------Raw 43-------Quality 1.3-----Depth 1.2-------------------67 points   6, 5, 7, 6, 6, 5, 8

Clear and cool.  A few super nice breaks but they tended to go a little flat in the second half, just like the 49ers. Bruce works  hard with his birds.

 Eighth Place---Mike Eppard--------Raw 25-------Quality 1.1------Depth 1.1------------------30 points 6, 7, 5, 7

Solid blue sky not much breeze and a nicely mowed lawn. This 15 bird kit was tight but not active.  Mike knows how to get these birds back on track.  Super sharp lofts.                       

Ninth Place---Terry Young--------Raw 16-------Quality 1.2-----Depth 1.0--------------------19 points  6, 6, 5

Clear cool slight breeze.  The kit flew with good style but refused to roll on this day.

 Tenth Place—Ian Parker-----------Raw 16------Quality 1.0-----Depth 1.0---------------------16 points  5, 5, 6

Very breezy conditions, clear and sunny. The wind was causing the birds to dip low and circle. Ian had these birds down in 23 minutes and in the pen in about 30 seconds. Good management.

 11th  Place----Guy Culp-------------Raw 12------Quality 1.0------Depth 1.0--------------------12 points  6, 6,

The south wind was howling at about 35 mph. Everytime a pigeon would try to roll it was blown horizontal for an extreme distance.  Guy is a good sport and a very gracious host.

 12th Place----Keith Richards-------Raw 6--------Quality 1.0-----Depth 1.0---------------------6 points

Clear and cool with a slight breeze. These pigeons just felt too good. They went way up and were enjoying the morning as much as we were.  Keith took it in stride and promises to be back.

 The following people Did Not Fly :  Dean Brassfield----Terry Lacey---Chris Summernuts

             You should have seen the look on the rental car agent’s face when he realized that I put over 2,000 miles on his car in less than 4 days. I doubt they will ever rent another car with unlimited miles again.

 Arizona is an endless expanse of scrub brush and cactus broken only by unusual and magnificent rock formations that seem to march from one end of the state to the other.  The people there love this harsh landscape and it seems to bring out a resiliency  in their character.  Resilient is the word I would use to describe the pigeon men in this state and there was not one flyer who did not work like a dog with his pigeons.  It is my prediction that this region will become a hotbed for high quality spinners within the next couple years.

I was very impressed with the caliber of sportsmanship expressed by this group of flyers. Not one rude comment (well maybe one) was heard the entire fly and the occasional tease was above board and civil. 

Special thanks go out to Guy Culp and his lovely wife Vonda for a great BBQ and a place to sleep,  Gary and Keith Richards for a killer breakfast,  Al Luna for dinner and jokes and  Woody Woodworth for fly timer and traveling companion.

When I arrived home my wife asked me if I had a good time and I responded that I had a ball!  She looked at me with a puzzled stare and said “ You have got to be kidding me, you drove over 2,000 miles, craned your neck for hours at a time, slept 8 hours in 3 days and hung out with a bunch of smelly roller guys. I can not understand how this was any fun.”  I responded “ That’s OK sweetheart I don’t expect you to.”

       By Tom Tillery

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                Submitted by Nick Burcher of Walnut Creek, CA

  Congratulations to Roy Edmonds and Jack Meyers for making it to the 2000 World Cup Finals.  They flew the two kits that will represent the Northern California Central Valley Region in the World Cup Finals.  Roy and Jack are both capable of hitting a Grand Slam whenever they step up to the plate.  My goal as Judge for the N.CA Central Valley Region fly off was that when the smoke had cleared, all the kits had had their shot, and everything was said and done, that the two best kits of the fly would represent the region in the finals.  There is no doubt, these two roller men were the best of the fly.

 I consider myself a tough but fair judge.  Going into this fly I made it clear that quality counts.  This is the biggest and best competition for performing Rollers on the planet.  I don’t score twizzling, tumbling or short rolls, and I want them low enough to see the quality.

  Northern California is home to some great rollers and roller men.  It was a privilege to judge this area, spending time with many good old friends and making some new ones, doing what I love to do.

 I can’t say enough to express my gratitude at how well I was taken care of by the Regional Director – Rex Clark, and the LADS – John Yates of Sacramento, Roy Edmonds of Modesto, and Woody Woodworth of Fresno.  These guys had all the flyers scheduled and prepared, they controlled the pace of the fly over four days time and I was chauffeured, well fed and welcomed into their homes.

 The fly took place over four days: April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and the 8th.  Mother Nature decided not to cooperate.  On day 1, the Sacramento leg was plagued by 30 mph winds, and most of the kits were blown away almost immediately.  The weather was sunny with a slight breeze on day 2 and by day 3, it was hot.  This was the first real heat of the season and the birds were still unaccustomed to it.  It reached 90 degrees by noon and the kits felt the heat.  The last day of the fly was hot, clear and breezy. 

 Outside of the weather, one of the biggest issues effecting scoring were kits not breaking together.  Most kits had a few very good individuals and had lots of good small breaks.  But the two things that set the top scoring kits apart from the crowd was strong high quality spinners throughout the kit and big breaks.  The winning kits had rollers that set up together and broke together.




   Following are the scores listed in fly order.

 Day 1 – High Winds

 Walt Knight      0 pts      Walt was our first flyer.  He put up his kit in very high winds and they were instantly blown away.  They showed good frequency, but were either out of scoring range or had out birds for the entire 20 minutes.   

Ken Firl             5 pts       ( Q-1, D-1)  Ken was also victim to the high winds.  The birds were pushed down to rooftop level.  They were trying not to roll to keep from hitting the houses.  Good frequency and lots of individual performance. 

Dave Wheat      57.6 pts   ( 5, 6, 7, 5, 6, 5, 6)     Q – 1.2, D – 1.2 Very Good kit of rollers.  Dave was the guy they watch in the Sacramento area.  Unfortunately, the kit was instantly pushed downwind out of judging range.  He had a good amount of activity that was downwind, behind trees and houses that I was not able to score.  Good style and depth. 

Gordon Jackson    5 pts     Gordons team decided that they just didn’t want to kit today.  Strong winds blew the kit off course and they spent the rest of the time flying back home.  Two birds landed at 15 minutes. 

Jim Williams       10 pts     (5, 5)       Q – 1,  D – 1.2 Upon release, Jim had a bird roll down from about 30 feet right into an open Goshawk trap that just happened to be in the yard.  I had never seen one of these traps in action – they really work!  Jim’s kit looked as though they knew Spring was in the air.  He had a pair of birds out of the kit most of the fly.  They landed at the 15 minute mark with mating on their mind.

 Dwight Wallace   DQ          Dwight has done very well in WC competition in the past and it shows in his birds.  His kit had a very good flight pattern with some nice spinners showing good individual performances.  Two young birds landed at 31/2 minutes.

Dave Wheat          50.4 pts.                 ( 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 )               Q - 1.2,  D – 1.2

Kit #2.  Good kit with lots of small breaks.  Just like his first kit, these were blown downwind and out of scoring range for most of the 20 minutes.

  Day 2 – Clear Skies, slight breeze

 Wayne Leverett   64.8 pts                  ( 5, 5, 6, 7, 5, 6, 5, 6 )           Q – 1.2,  D – 1.2 Good quality birds.  No wind caused the kit to go somewhat flat.  Lots of 2 to 4 bird breaks.

 Tim Campbell       12.1 pts                  ( 5, 5 )                     Q – 1.1,  D – 1.1 Kit was flat today.  Had birds that were turning them in tight circles, which stopped them from breaking.

 Roy Edmonds        175 pts                   ( 6, 6, 5, 5, 5, 8, 7, 7, 5, 5, 10, 7, 5, 6, 9, 6 )      Q – 1.25,  D – 1.25Winning Kit.  Very nice pigeons.  Roy’s team flew at the height limit for judging.  They work well as a team, set up well for the breaks and broke all together.  Kit did most of their work in the first 10 minutes of scoring.  The last two turns were scored in the last minute. Good, fast, clean rollers. 

 Jack Meyers        160.5 pts    ( 5, 6, 7, 5, 7, 5, 6, 5, 8, 6, 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, 6, 5, 5, 5 )      Q – 1.25,  D – 1.2 Jack took second place and will join Roy in the finals.  Very good kit.  They flew at an excellent height for 15 of the 20 minutes.  For the other 5 minutes of the scoring, they flew high into the sun and had some breaks that I couldn’t count.  Jack had a little black self in this kit that was one of the fastest pigeons of the fly.

 Tom Brower         117.2 pts               ( 5, 5, 7, 6, 5, 10, 7, 7, 6, 5 )                Q – 1.25, D – 1.25 Along with Jack and Roy, Tommy is one of the flyers the other guys always ask about in N.Ca.  Tom has done very well in competition, and is capable of winning it all every time he opens the kit box and sends them up.  It wasn’t his day today.  Five birds bounced on release.  A little red self never went back up.  Tommy used all of his 5 minutes to call time in.  The kit did all of their scoring in the first 10 minutes and flattened out the last 10.  Next to Roy, Tom was the only other flyer to score a ½ turn.

 Scott Campbell     53.24 pts               ( 7, 5, 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, 6 )           Q – 1.1 ,  D – 1.1 Strong showing for his first WC.  Scott had this kit well managed.  They flew a great pattern and at a perfect height for judging.   Watch this guy next year, he seems to have a handle on his management.

   Vincent Yancy      DQ I always enjoy watching Yancys birds.  He and I like them deep, and he has a great location to fly from.  You can watch them roll from a horizontal view due the the canyon they fly in.  Unfortunately, today they stayed low and never went up.  The kit had lots of action, but landed at 5 minutes and 26 seconds.

 Tom Brower         77.76 pts               ( 5, 7, 5, 7, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 )                  Q – 1.2,  D – 1.2 Kit #2.  Tom’s young bird team.  They flew a little too fast and through the breaks.


Leonard Tachera                 DQ Bye the time we arrived at Leonard’s, it was late afternoon and the thermometer was pushing 90 degrees. This team wouldn’t go up and landed at 2 minutes and 13 seconds.

 Roy Edmonds        DQ Kit #2.  Kit landed at 13 minutes and 13 seconds.  Roy had 7 breaks on the books before they landed early.

  Day 3 – Clear and Hot.

 Andy Anderson    30.24 pts               ( 5, 6, 5, 5 )            Q – 1.2 ,  D – 1.2 This kit just didn’t want to work together.  Flew a little too fast and did not set up to break.  Most of the breaks were 1 to 4 birds.  Nice pigeons: would like to see them when they are on.

 Steve Parry           14.4 pts                  ( 5, 5 )                     Q – 1.2 ,  D – 1.2 Steve has only 16 flyers left after cat and hawk losses.  Good kitting, height and flight pattern.  Good individuals but lacked teamwork.

 Woody Woodworth              103.20 pts             ( 5, 5, 6, 7, 5, 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 8, 8, 6 )            Q – 1 ,  D – 1.2 Woody is the guy in the Fresno area that all of the other flyers watch.  He has done very well in competition and is a serious competitor.  Woody puts up a well-managed kit.  He had 10 breaks in the first 5 minutes and then no more breaks again until the 15 minute mark. 

 John Lewis           DQ  Johns birds came out busy, but landed on the wires at 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

 Joe Emberton       97.92 pts               ( 5, 7, 5, 5, 6, 5, 5, 6, 7, 5, 5, 7 )         Q – 1.2 ,  D – 1.2 Good team just never really went to work.  Broke well when they broke.

 Paul Shannon       33 pts                     ( 5, 5, 5, 7 )            Q – 1.2 ,  D – 1.25 The heat killed this kit.  A breeze came up the last two minutes and caused two turns.  There was a blue bar self that only rolled once, but it was one of the two fastest spinners on the fly.

 Alex Coston          47.125 pts             ( 6, 6, 5, 5, 7 )        Q – 1.25                ,  D – 1.3 Fast, Clean, Deep Spinners says it all.  I made a note to come back and watch these birds again. 

 Kevin Wright       82.08 pts               ( 5, 5, 6, 8, 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, 7 )                  Q – 1.2 ,  D – 1.2 Nice kit.  Went a little too high and into the sun for judging at times.

  Day 4 – Clear and Breezy

 Rex Clark             129.6 pts               ( 5, 5, 5, 6, 5, 6, 8, 5, 7, 7, 8, 5, 5, 5, 8 )            Q – 1.2 ,  D – 1.2 We saw the only predator attack of the fly here.  A Peregrine hit the kit at the 15 minute mark.  Fortunately, he left empty handed, but it did stop the kit from working any more.  Prior to the attack, Rex lost some good breaks due to out birds and the kit going up too high. 

 N.D. Taylor           106.56 pts             ( 5, 5, 6, 7, 5, 8, 5, 5, 5, 5, 6, 7, 5 )                     Q – 1.2 ,  D – 1.2 Real Good working team.  Flew off too far to judge most of the first 10 minutes and flattened out the last 10 minutes.

 Joe Ruggirello     31 pts                     ( 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 )                   Q – 1 ,  D – 1 Good flying height and pattern for judging.  Not enough birds working together to score.

 Beverly Mangue  DQ    Two birds landed early to DQ her, but it was a real nice treat to watch these birds perform.  Beverly has some very nice, good, clean spinners.  If she keeps it up, she has the ability to win big.

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Tim Decker, Judge

“WOW”! What a wonderful time I had judging the Central Region. First, I must thank June & Ferrell for being my hosts, caretakers, taxi and support, throughout the fly. Both are very special people. I experienced some great Kits and some diverse weather, primarily high wind that had detrimental effect on many scores.

 The Central Region consists of the following states: Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. My trip started in Oklahoma City and ended in Little Rock. We traveled through some beautiful country. My favorite areas are Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas. The rolling hills and green trees and grass made it very scenic.

 4/14/00 4:15PM- The first kit judged belonged to Walter Baxter of Marlow OK. A kit of 18 birds was released. The wind was between 20 to 30 mph. The kit was able to get together to score 8 breaks. A hawk attack created problems. Between the wind and the hawk, several of the kit landed at 12:09 – DQ. Walter had some nice spinners in his kit.

 4/15/00 7:45AM- Bill Gambill of Tuttle OK flew his 16 bird kit with overcast skies and wind. The kit worked hard against the wind to score six times. 5,5,6,6,5,6=33pts Q1.1 D1.0 total pts 36.3

 8:55AM- John Antonelli of OKC flew next with 16 birds. The wind caught John’s kit and we had to move several blocks to catch up with them. These birds were deep. The kit was spread out due to the wind. They scored 3 turns 6,5,7=18pts Q1.2 D1.5 total score 32.4

 9:49AM- James Brown & Son, OKC released their 16 bird kit. James flew some nice quality spinners in the same high wind. His birds scored five times 5,5,6,5,5 =26pts Q1.3 D1.3 total score 43.94

 4:12PM- we were at Robert E. Lee’s house in Stilwell OK. Robert has a beautiful place to fly. His birds worked well and scored 5 breaks then landed at 13:11- DQ. Robert had several nice birds in his kit.

 4/16/00 7:39AM- Collinsville OK

Jerry Traywick released his 17 bird kit in overcast skies, with a slight wind. Jerry’s birds worked the whole time scoring as follows: 5,5,8,8,10,5 totaling 51pts Q1.1 D1.0 for a final of 56.1pts.

Jerry showed us his pride and joy, a fine 53 Chevy Truck. I was somewhat jealous, having a 41 Ford Coup, which still needs some work.

 11:24AM- Willie Silvey of Derby KS flew his 20 bird kit. The wind was again blowing strong. The birds worked wonderfully in the wind; setting up spinning, regrouping, and setting up spinning. They kept this up the entire 20 minutes. The depth was exceptional as was the speed and quality. This was a great kit to watch. Here is how they scored. 7,8,12,14,9,10,8,8,5,5,5,6,7,6,6,6,12 to total raw 182 with a Q1.5 D1.5=2.25 overall score 409.5

 12:48PM- Wichita KS- Bill Elwick put up his 16 bird kit. The wind was a factor and kept them well away from home. There were some nice birds in this kit. They scored five turns 5,6,5,5,5, for a

raw total of 26. Q1.1 D1.1 total 31.46

 1:27PM- Wichita KS- Pat Holder put up a good kit in the wind. His team flew several blocks from home just above the rooftops. They scored well in the wind with 46 raw pts. 7,7,5,5,7,5,6,5, Q1.2 D1.2 for a total of 66.24 points.

 3:49PM- Butch Schaeffer of El Dorado, KS flew a 16 bird kit in the wind. The birds didn’t fly high, kept close to the loft and landed at 18:35. This active team scored 79 raw pts 6,6,10,5,5,5,5,5,6,5,6,5  Q1.2 D1.0 total 94.8 points.

 4/17/00 7:56AM- Solomon KS Jim Bowen flew his 18 bird kit. The wind was calm with overcast skies. The birds flew somewhat high but very scoreable. A fairly active good quality team. Scoring 86 raw pts 7,5,10,5,8,6,5,5,6,6,8 Q1.3 D1.2 total points 134.16.

 1:06PM- Pleasant Hill, MO., Dan Taylor flew his 19 bird team. His birds

went to work, showing some nice spin. Kitting well and working together helped this team score 83 raw pts with a Q1.2 D1.2 for a total of 119.52 points.

 2:02 PM- Reana Taylor, Dan’s daughter flew her 19 bird kit. They flew somewhat flat with several nice spinners. This team scored a raw score of 26pts 5,5,5,5,6 Q1.1 D1.0 for a total of 28.6pts

 4/18/00- Scott Paris, Elsberry, MO., flew his 16 bird team at 9:19AM. Sky was blue with no wind. This team had some very nice spinners. They worked well together scoring 70 raw pts. 5,6,12,9,5,5,6,5,5 Q1.2 D1.1=total 92.4

 10:02AM- Ed Remmert released his 16 bird kit. His birds flew low with out birds hurting his scoring opportunities. The birds scored a raw total of 34pts. 5,6,5,5,5,8 Q1.1 D1.1=total 41.14pts.

 11:37AM- Florissant, MO. Vernon Hoormann flew his 20 or rather 19 bird kit. A hawk hit the team on release and took one. The team got together to score five points then flew too high the rest of the time. I saw several nice spinners in the kit. Raw 5 / total 5.

 1:14PM- Gordon Baumes flew his 16 bird kit, in Arnold, MO. Two birds landed on the loft right after time was called in. This team had some good potential, with some nice rollers. DQ

 3:28PM- Eldon Cheney, of Lonedell, MO., turned his 20 bird kit out. Eldon had few birds to work with, due to the hawk. I can see why, with all the trees on and around the property. A very picturesque place to live. There were several nice birds left and they scored a total of 20 raw pts. 5,5,5,5 Q1.1 D1.1 = total score of 25.

 4/19/00 8:00- Highlandville, MO,

Bill Roy flew his 20 bird kit. These birds showed how a good active kit could fly. Lots of action, a fun kit to watch. Bill’s kit was full of nice quality spinners, deep enough to be easily scored. This team scored a raw total of 239 points.


6,6,6,15,10,7 Q1.3 D1.3 Total Score 403.9

 9:50 AM – Branson MO, Bob Westfall released his 19 bird kit. This kit was great. It turned together with quite a few deep birds. The kit worked well the first half, flying fairly low with nice quality spin. In the second 10 minutes he had two out birds. The birds scored a raw total of 201 points.


Q1.3 D1.5 for a total of 391.95 points.

 11:45 – Pea Ridge, Ar, John Smeltzer flew 18 birds. The skies were cloudy

with high wind. It took the 5 minutes release time plus an additional 5 minutes timeout for the kit to fly into viewing range. They worked well kitting together. The birds provided some nice deep quality spin. One bird spun so deep it landed in the pasture next door and started to walk home. We decided that John and Lisa had developed a new breed called the Birmingham Walker. A raw score of 115 was scored.

5,5,5,6,12,6,5,5,13,7,8,8,5 Q1.3 D1.3

total 209.3

 4/20/00 12:25 PM – Jerry Holder of Bono, AR, released his birds in a high wind. We waited some time in hopes that the wind would subside. The birds fought the wind and didn’t have much of a chance to score. Jerry had several nice spinning deep birds. The raw score was 55 – 6,9,6,5,12,5 Q1.4 D1.3 totals 100.1

 6:10 PM – Steve Clayton, “The World Cup Dude” of Cabot AR, decided to release his team late in the afternoon. It wasn’t Steve’s day as the birds only stayed up 4:32 then landed. The team had some nice individual birds. The wind was also a factor. DQ

 4/21/00 7:03 AM – Rick Dillehay, Vilonia AR. Released his 20 bird kit into

clear blue skies. The birds worked at a good height and showed good teamwork. The quality was excellent, deep enough to be counted coming out and going back. The birds raw score was 128 –


with Q1.4 D1.3 for a total of 232.96.

 8:45 AM – Cabot AR., Dave Hafner released his 18 bird kit. The skies were blue with the wind picking up. Dave’s birds showed some fine quality in their spin. The team scored 88 raw points 10,

9,5,9,6,7,5,5,6,5,5,6 Q1.3 D1.2 total 137.56.

 Comments: I would like to thank the following people who shared their homes and/or provided meals during the trip. I enjoyed the companionship of all that participated in the fly and their friends who supported them. Starting with Willie Silvey (Cajun food), Dan & Reana Taylor (grilled pork chops), Eldon Cheney for his Hospitality, transportation and meals etc., John and Lisa for lunch, Jerry Holder, lunch, Steve Clayton, BBQ, Rick Dillehay for his hospitality and friendship.

 The World Cup is a wonderful event. A lot of time and effort is put into making the fly a success. To support the fly is an honor. I would have liked to see more people participate in the Fly. I witnessed some fine spinning birds and know there are many more I didn’t get to see for whatever reason. For those “Big Guns” who chose not to fly – “The road to the top will always be through the air”.

 1st Place – Willie Silvey – 409.5 WCF

2nd Place – Bill Roy – 403.9 WCF

3rd Place – Bill Westfall – 391.95

4th Place – Rick Dillehay – 232.96

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Saturday 4/28/00

Wayne Wagner 70.2
Bob Hoard 88.8
Sunday 4/30/00
Fred Dennison DQ
Devoe Manning DQ
JIm Hostalek DQ
Monday 5/1/00
Steve Metz 0
Joe Bell DNF
Tuesday 5/2.00
Mark Knight DNF
Stephen Helfrich DQ
Billy Berryman DQ
Wednesday 5/3/00
Joe Marlette DQ
Randy Dewhurst 71.4
Thursday 5/4/00
Gary Martin DNF
Joe Ringler 76.44
Friday 5/5 00
Gregg Franks DQ
Saturday 5/6/00
Richard Miller 280.67
Jim Feasel 0
Sunday 5/7/00
Randy Owen DQ
Jim Cook DQ
Dennis Burke 76.44
Bob Munson
Gus Umphries

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New England Regional WC Fly Results

Judge: Ken Easley

 I started my judging in Maine at the home of Tom Van Den Bosche (the “Maine”iac) and his wife which took real good care of us including lobster so fresh and tasty I will be thinking about it for a long time. We pulled them right out of the Atlantic Ocean in a scenic setting rarely rivaled.

Tom has a lovely home out in the middle of a clearing on the end of a dead end road. He has a duck pond and a variety of trees too many to mention. It is ashamed the birds didn’t do their thing in this beautiful setting.  The wind was strong above the tree line and the birds spent their time working the wind and never really set-up.

# 1. Tom Van Den Bosche

6,5,5 = 16 x 1.3 Q x 1.2 D = 24.96

# 2. Sonny Hilliard:

5,5,5,8,5,6,5,7,5,5 = 56 1.3 Q x 1.2 D = 87.36

Nice clean kit, fun to watch. The later part of the fly was in the twilight and I couldn’t give any higher quality due to the dusk masking the true nature of the rolls.

# 3. Tom Van Den Bosche kit # 2:

DQ after three minutes and two breaks.

Next we were escorted to Stay with George and his lovely wife Faith Moran. They have a fine country house with all the trimmings, including a gabby parrot which my wife adored. We were given the run of the first floor and taken out to a meal fit for a king in the evening. The next morning we were off to see John Malino where his wife treated us with all kinds of tasty treats.

# 4. John Malino:

5,5 = 10 x 1.3 x 1.45 = 20.50

John had clean deep birds but we were unable to see them because of the trees for most of the time.

# 5. Mike Martone:

0 score

Mike is a fine gentleman that knew the old timers like Ray Perkins. He is 82 years young and spry as a spring chicken. His birds looked nice before time in but left promptly after called in, due to strong winds. Mike has a nice place complete with exotic pheasants. I also thought it interesting that he said he hasn’t seen the quality of what he saw many years ago with the Perkins birds. We can learn from the wisdom of the elders. I would have enjoyed having more time to spend with Mike.

# 6. George Moran:

5,5,5,6,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,6,5 = 82 x 1.2 Q x 1.2 D = 118.08

This kit worked the wind well. They would fight their way back around and bust a nice little break. A nice kit.

We were transferred to Mark Lewis for the next few flyers. Mark was unable to fly due to relocating recently but supported the club and it’s WC efforts. Mark has some nice breeders and I expect he will be a strong competitor in the future.

# 7. Steven Hickey:

5,6,5,5,5,5,6,5 = 42 x 1.0 Q x 1.3 D = 54.60

Birds worked some and were deep but didn’t seem to put their heart into it.

#7. Ken Parker: Second Place

6,5,7,5,7,6,6,5,5,6,7,5,7,5,5,5,6,5,5,6,6,5,5,7 = 137 x 1.2 Q x 1.3 D = 213.72

Nice kit with the best bird I saw of the fly, a little dark checker white flight bird that balled up with good speed. Good working kit. Nice job Ken!

#8. Jim Spring:

5,5,5 = 15 x 1.0 Q x 1.3 D = 19.5

Had a hawk take a bird out with the whole crowd watching. Jim is a roller technician with all the charts and programs necessary for in-depth analyzing. Thanks for the sandwiches Janis!

#9. Al Perron:

5,5 = 10 x 1.0 Q x 1.0 D = 10

Al flew a portable kit at the park, which was interesting. Al is a nice pigeon guy and friend to many. After Al we stopped by to see Joe Testa for a short visit and quick view of the breeders. It was good to see you again after all these years.

#10. Rich Ernst:

5 x 1.0 Q x 1.0 D = 5

Just didn’t get to see anything this time. A pesky hawk was all over the birds. Rich has an unusual bird that I really liked. He would taunt and tease the hawk. This bird chased the hawk and tried to get him after him. The hawk couldn’t get him though. He also ran interference for another bird that was in trouble. I believe Rich said it was his nestmate. What a cool roller! This little bird entranced the whole crowd.

#11. Bob Ware:

5,5,6,5,5,7 = 33 x 1.2 Q x 1.2 D = 47.52

The birds traveled down the street to perform out of viewing range for the better part of the fly. They worked well after returning for the last minute or so.  I also saw a nice cock bird here that could go deep.

# 12. Doug Engermann:

No score. The birds seemed strong and content not to work. Saw one break while two birds were out. Sorry about your misfortune Doug.

#13. Brian Ridley: First Place

5,5,6,6,7,6,7,6,7,6,5,6,6,5,7,5,6,7,9,5,6,5,5,8,8,6,6,5,5 = 176 x 1.2 Q x 1.2 D = 253.44

Hard working kit with good teamwork. Congratulations Brian! Nice job.

# 14. Sydney (Peach) Pires:

7,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5 = 47 x 1.1 Q x 1.0 D = 51.70

Peach is a good loft manager and helped his teammates feed and fly their birds when they were unable to. Thanks for the Pizza guys.

# 15 Ed Monteiro: Third Place

6,6,7,8,6,7,7,6,5,5,5,6,6,6,5,7,5,8,5,5,6,5 = 132 x 1.0 Q x 1.3 D = 171.60

Ed had a few nice deep birds and the team worked but the zing wasn’t there on this day. The birds flew very high for most of the time. Ed is a nice fellow and a positive force in the cape area and it shows. Thanks for the quick tour of the river Ed.

I had a really good time in the New England area and saw some good teams of rollers. We had a constant supply of laughs from the local wisecracker, Mike Sweeney. These guys are lots of fun but serious about rollers and I expect to see big doings in the future from this region. Thanks for your kindness and hospitality. We really enjoyed ourselves.

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Southern California Region World Cup Fly Results

   Regional Director - Richard Rangel  
  Regional Judge - Salvador Estrada III  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Richard Rangel for volunteering and taking the time to be the Regional Director. Thank You for having the confidence in me to judge our region. I could not have done it without the help of Doug Brown, who was the scorekeeper. It was a great honor and privilege to judge some of the best Roller Fanciers in our region. I would like to thank all the participants for their efforts and for allowing us to visit their home and judge their birds.

The Southern California Region started the weekend of April 15th and ended the weekend of May 6th. On the first weekend of the fly we had in attendance Monty Neibel of B.C. Canada, and Max Runyan of Portland, Oregon. Thank you Monty for your words of encouragement. On the second weekend of the fly Tim Decker was my driver and scorekeeper. Thanks Tim. Randy Gibson and the CPRC members organized the last weekend of the fly, thank you for a fine and memorable experience.

 POS   -  NAME OF FLYER                  BIRDS   -   BREAKS   -   RAW   -   QUALITY   -   DEPTH   -  TOTAL

1     Jerry Higgins                                 20           34              198       1.4               1.4            388.08

       Excellient kit of rollers, a real joy to watch, the best frequent team I judged! Great Show!

2     Randy Gibson                   18           18               94         1.3              1.2            146.64

       Good frequent kit of rollers, the second best team I judged! Flew a little high.

3     Tim Decker                        20           8                59         1.5              1.4             123.90

        Excellent quality of rollers, the wind hurt this team, Not their day!

4     John Mckliernan               20          13               72         1.2              1.2             103.68

       Active young team, worked good in the wind, this team has not reached it's potential.

5     Joe Bower                           19          11               59         1.2             1.3              92.04

       Good team of rollers. Out birds hurt this team. Lost 97 points to out birds! This team could have finished higher.

6      JJ Ransom                         20          10               52         1.3             1.3              87.88

        Very good kit of rollers, out birds hurt this team, would have placed higher.

7      Robert Parker                   20           7                 48        1.3             1.4              87.36

        Good quality rollers, nice depth, a little flat, a hawk took a bird at the 10 minute mark, there was a 5 min time out.

        Birds were not the same.

8      Jeffery Ma                         19           4                 25        1.5             1.6               60

        Excellent quality of rollers and speed, the deepest team of Birmingham Rollers that I've seen on the fly!

9      Antonio Mitchell               20           8                 44        1.1             1.2              58.08

        Young active team. Team worked individually.

10    Ed Carter                           20          7                  36       1.2             1.2               51.84

        Weather hurt this team, too much sun. Birds flew too high for the last 8 minutes to score.

11    Lonnie Adams                   20          7                   41       1.2             1.3               48

        I liked the speed and depth of this team, flew high most of the time.

12    RL Forsgreh                      17          6                   32       1.2             1.2                46.08

        A young team of rollers, needs more fly time.

13    JJ Ransom                         20          5                   27        1.3            1.3                45.33

        A very nice team of rollers. I enjoyed watching this team, but a lot of 4 X 2 and 4 X 3 breaks I didn't score.

14    Turner Johnson II            18          8                   40         1.0            1.1               44

         Young team of rollers still learning their art!

15     Marshall Duncan             19          5                   25         1.3            1.3               42.25

         Seen some good rollers in this kit. Flew at a nice height.

16     Van Copple                       20         5                    28         1.1            1.1               33.88

         Rollers were flat, it was not their day.

17     Gilbert Granillo                20        6                     33         1.0            1.0              33

         Birds were not ready for this fly. He forgot it was his day to fly!

18     Manuel Moreno                19        5                     26          1.1           1.1              31.46

         Birds flew at a nice height, but the whole team was flat. 

 19     Gregory Cleveland            16       3                     19          1.2            1.2             27.36

         Nice clear day, the birds just wanted to fly.

20     Hector Martinez                20       3                     15           1.0           1.0             15

         Birds would not roll!

21     Mike Johnson                    20        2                     10           1.0           1.1             11

         Not this teams day, flat!

22     Roy Gonzales                     17        1                     5              1.3          1.2             7.80

         Good rollers, would not roll!

23     Dick Eastwood                   20        1                     5               1.2         1.1             6.55

         Birds flew high and in the sun most of the fly!

24     Eddie Verdugo                  16         0                     0               0            0                0

         Eddie had a overfly 2 days before the fly, this hurt his team, they split into 2 kits most of the fly!

25     Richard Rangel                20          0                     0               0            0                0

         It was not his day, the birds would not roll!

26     Harold Ransom                20          0                     0               0            0                0

         Birds did not want to roll, off day!

27     Frank Sanchez                  20          0                     0               0            0                0

         Not enough fly time hurt this team! Flat, would not work!

28     Alfonso Martinez              19          0                     0               0            0                0

         Not his day, birds were flat!

29     Charlie Sierra                   20          0                     0               0            0                0

          Charlie's birds were also flat, not his day!

30      Hep Praza                        15          DQ

          Two birds landed early, try again nest year Hep!

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Mountain West Region - 2000

WC F Millennium Regional Fly

On my flight back home I was thinking of what sets apart the Birmingham Roller fancier of Utah.  It is their enthusiasm.  Every where I traveled I met new people who supported the hobby and supported the other flyers within the entire region.  Quite a few people caravaned from house to house during my four-day trip.  Utah has wonderful scenery.

 My thanks goes out to Scott Campbell, regional director for all his fine coordination, hospitality and insight.  My thanks also to the following people who made my stay in Utah comfortable:

Randy Brunson Dutch oven dinner and an overnight lodging, Guil & Connie Rand for their hospitality and care, Gary Lancaster a nice country breakfast and all the participants who make the World Cup the Quality it is today. 

 May 4, 2000, 8:20 AM, Bob Harris, Panguitch UT flew his 20 bird Kit.  The sky was clear with no wind.  Bob’s birds kited well with several birds spinning with good style.  The birds were a little stiff scoring 5, 5, 6, 5, 5, 7  = 33 (Q1.2 D1.1= 1.32) Total Score 43.56

 9:15 AM, Justin Overland of Monroe UT, birds were released.  This kit of 16 birds were fairly deep in the roll with some good quality spin.  They had some kitting problems.  Two birds landed @ 13:30 to DQ.

 11:00 AM, Annabella UT, Mike Morgan flew his kit of 17 birds.  This team of nice quality deep spinners put on quite a show for a little over 10 minutes then landed early.  The wind was at 20 MPH - DQ

 1:10 PM, Del Myers of Beaver UT flew in a 20 mph wind.  His birds worked well showing good speed.  They also landed early at 9:35.  DQ

 1:30 PM, Beaver UT, Brent Black flew his 16 bird kit.  The wind was up but it didn’t have much of an effect on his birds.  They scored well with good depth and quality of spin.  7, 8, 12, 8, 9, 5, 5, 7, 12, 8, 8, 5, 8, 7 = 138 (Q1.4 D1.3 = 1.82) Total Score 251.16

 3:10 PM, Randy Brunson of Fillmore UT, flew his 20 bird kit.  These birds worked hard in the wind but were blown away for a time returned to landed at 14:00.  Nice team of quality spinners.  DQ

 4:30 PM, Oak City UT, Thayne Lee decided not to fly his team due to the wind.

 5/5/2000 9:10 AM, Guil Rand of Spanish Fork UT, flew a team of 19 birds.  The weather, high clouds, was right for this team as it flew the time and work together.  The birds showed good depth and had good quality Spin.  The scoring went 10, 12, 8, 10, 8, 7, 5, 7, 6, 9, 6, 7, 6, 7, 6, 9, 6  = 161 (Q1.3 D1.3 = 1.69) Total Score 272.09

 9:00 AM, Gary Lancaster, Spanish Fork UT, Gary flew a quality team of fast spinners as the wind picked up.  The team scored 5, 5, 5, 6, 5, 10, 5, 8, 8, 5, 5, 6 = 83 (Q1.3 D1.3 = 1.69) Total Score 129.48

 10:00 AM, Garth Porter, Spanish Fork UT, flew a 20 bird kit.  The wind was gusting to 30 mph and the birds disappeared for 23 minutes.  A 5 minute time out was granted due to the wind.  This did not help as the birds were flat flying back to the loft when next seen.  Better luck next year Garth.

 10:50 AM, Gary Lancaster, team #2.  The wind was still a problem when we returned to Gary’s.  His birds were also blown away and a time out was taken.  Several Deep quality spinners were seen with a total of 10 raw point scored. (Q/D 1.3 for a 1.69) Total Score = 16.9.

 11:50 AM, Provo UT. Rod Elsner flew his 19 bird kit.  The birds had some wind and showed promise.  Several nice rollers were seen during the judging.  The birds scored 5, 5, 6, 5, 5, 5 for a raw total of 31 (Q1.2 D 1.1 = 1.32) Total Score 40.92. 

12:30 PM, Matt Paystrup, Orem UT, flew a nice team of quality spinners.  Matt was the youngest flyer to fly a team.  The team worked together to score 15 times 7, 5, 8, 6, 5, 6, 5, 6, 8, 5, 5, 6, 5, 5, 5 total raw 87 (Q1.3 D1.2 = 1.56) Total Score 135.72

 1:30 PM, Lindon UT, Adam Hill flew 19 birds.  The wind was blowing extremley hard and the birds were blown down into a valley and were having trouble getting back.  We moved 5 blocks trying to pick them up catching them working back at the end of time.  The birds scored an 8 (Q/D 1.2 = 1.44) Total Score 11.52.

 May 6, 2000, Jay Starley Sandy UT flew a nice team of spinners.  This team worked well together scoring 26 times working throughout the 20 minutes.  Lots of good quality spinners.  Scoring went as follows: 7, 9, 5, 6, 6, 5, 9, 6, 5, 5, 9, 6, 8, 6, 10, 10, 5, 6, 7, 6, 5, 8, 5, 8, 5, 12 total raw 211 (Q1.6 D1.3 = 2.08) Total Score 438.88

 9:25 AM, Lenny Vialpondo, Salt Lake City UT, flew a nice 18 bird kit.  They flew low for some time then started up and began working.  By the time the started working the time was up.  The birds scored 6, 5, 8, 5, 5 total raw 29 (Q1.2 D1.2 = 1.44) Total Score 41.76.

10:15 AM, Rodney Forbush, Taylorsville UT, flew his team.  The kit turned tight in the air above the loft on a left wing.  This pattern kept the birds for showing their potential.  Scoring went as follows: 5, 5, 5 for a raw of 15 (Q1.1 D1.1 = 1.21) Total Score 18.15 

10:50 AM, Mont Bone, Taylorsville UT, flew 18 birds.  With an overcast sky the birds went up to a scoreable height.  Their flying pattern was strong showing several times their ability to work as a team.  The birds scored 15, 13, 7 for a raw total of 78 (Q/D 1.2 = 1.44) Total Score 112.32

  11:40 AM, Salt Lake City UT, Tom Monson released his team.  The birds showed some nice quality spin during the 20 minutes.  They flew on the high side scoring 5, 5, 5, 5, 6, 8 for a raw total of 34 (Q/D 1.2 = 1.44) Total Score 48.96

 12:20 PM, Wayne Purrington, Sandy UT, flew 16 birds.  They flew high with lots of individual performance.  The birds scored 5, 6, 7, 5 for a raw total 23 (Q/D 1.2 = 1.44) Total Score 33.12

 4:00 PM, Jay Starley flew team #2.  This team was not as active as the first but was equally as good in speed and spin. Scoring 5, 5, 5, 5, 6, 8, 5, 5, 6, 5, 7 total raw 62 (Q 1.4, D 1.3 = 1.82) Total Score 112.84

 5:05 PM, Tom Monson team #2.  His kit of 18 birds went up showed some nice spin with good Depth.  The scoring went as follows: 6, 8, 7, 5, 6, 5, 6, 5, 5, 10 for a raw total of 73 (Q 1.3 D 1.5 = 1.95) Total Score 142.35

 5/7/00 8:00 AM, Brad Winward of Wellsville UT flew his 20 bird team.  It was a cool rainy morning.  The birds went up and flew high.  This team would have scored more if they flew at a lower height.  The team showed nice depth and scored 6, 5, 7, 6, 8, 6, 5, 12, 6, 7, 5, 5 for a raw total of 90 (Q 1.1 D1.5 = 1.65) Total Score 148.5.

 9:21 AM, Scott Campbell, Ogden UT, flew his 17 bird kit.  The skies were overcast with a bit of rain.  The birds went up together started working, then two birds left the kit not to return.

Raw score 5 (Q/D 1.1 = 1.21) Total Score 6.05.

 10:30 AM Chris Haggard, Clipton UT, flew a nice 20 bird team.  The birds kited well, worked together as a team and showed some good spin.  The team scored 10, 6, 9, 5, 5, 7, 9, 12, 8, 5, 9, 9, 5, 5  = 126 (Q1.4 D1.2 = 1.68) Total Score 211.68

 12:30 PM Wayne Lee, Evanston WY, flew his 17 bird kit.  The birds showed good quality spin and depth but the weather was terrible.  Rain, hail and wind caused the birds to land early.  There were several birds missing when we left.  I hope they all returned.  DQ. 

1st Place – Jay Starley – 438.88   WCQ

2nd Place – Guil Rand – 272.09  WCQ

3rd Place – Brent Black – 251.16

4th Place – Chris Haggard – 211.68       

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