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Fly Off Report top 20

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Heine Bijker Holland Fanie Gouws South Africa Matt Purvis Oregon Jessie Comer California
#5 #6 #7 #8

Henry & Billie Cook Arkansas John Heague England Jay Starley Utah Eric Laidler  Denmark
#9 #10 #11 #12

Dennis Burke Michigan Joe Bob Stuka North Carolina Garrett Celliars South Africa Ken Billings Idaho
#13 #14 #15 #16

Kevin Monroe Texas Johnny Conradie South Africa Dennis Hayes Idaho Richard Hayes Montana
#17 #18 #19 #20

John  Smeltzer Arkansas Eric Schoelkoph California Boet Bezuidenhout South Africa Frik De Beer South Africa
Finalist Quality Depth Score Country
Heine Bijker 1.6 1.5 532.80 Holland
Fanie Gouws 1.5 1.3 514.80 South Africa
Mat Purvis 1.5 1.3 510.90 USA
Jessie Comer 1.5 1.5 427.60 USA
Henry Cook 1.6 1.5 422.40 USA
John Heague 1.6 1.5 410.40 UK
Jay Starley 1.6 1.5 403.20 USA
Eric Laidler 1.5 1.4 378.00 Denmark
Dennis Burke 1.6 1.4 353.92 USA
Joe Bob Stuka 1.6 1.5 340.80 USA
GT Lofts 1.6 1.5 326.40 South Africa
Ken Billings 1.5 1.3 315.90 USA
Kevin Monroe 1.3 1.5 294.40 USA
Johnny Conradie 1.5 1.5 292.50 South Africa
Dennis Hayes 1.5 1.3 276.90 USA
Richard Hayes 1.4 1.2 257.04 USA
John & Lisa Smeltzer 1.4 1.6 255.35 USA
Eric Schoelkoph 1.4 1.5 239.40 USA
Boet Bezuidenhout 1.4 1.5 231.00 South Africa
Frik De Beer 1.5 1.3 228.60 South Africa
Ken Easley 1.4 1.3 214.75 USA
Rick Schoening 1.6 1.5 213.60 USA
Tom Monson 1.6 1.3 174.72 USA
M. Miller 1.5 1.3 173.55 USA
P. Shannon 1.4 1.2 171.36 USA
F. Dry 1.4 1.6 159.04 South Africa
F. Baker 1.4 1.3 152.88 South Africa
Carlos Easley 1.3 1.3 152.10 USA
Richard Miller 1.5 1.3 152.10 USA
L. Lee 1.4 1.3 145.60 USA
Mike Sweeney 1.5 1.4 140.70 USA
G. du Plessis 1.6 1.5 139.20 South Africa
Robert Parker 1.5 1.3 136.12 USA
Brian Ridley 1.5 1.5 132.75 USA
E. Szczurko 1.4 1.4 127.40 Canada
Scott Campbell 1.5 1.4 126.00 USA
D. Lunau 1.5 1.4 121.80 Canada
J. Holman 1.3 1.1 118.69 USA
Aubrey Thibodeaux 1.3 1.2 117.00 USA
H.de Bruyn 1.6 1.6 110.08 South Africa
Ramsey Ajlouni 1.4 1.3 101.92 USA
Don Ouellette 1.5 1.4 92.40 USA
Guil Rand 1.5 1.2 91.80 USA
Gonzalo Banuelos 1.4 1.2 90.72 USA
Randy Gibson 1.5 1.5 90.00 USA
H. Rossouw 1.3 1.3 72.67 South Africa
Grahm Dexter 1.5 1.3 72.15 UK
John Lawrence 1.5 1.3 70.20 USA
P. Foster 1.5 1.4 69.00 UK
Clay Hoyle 1.4 1.5 67.20 USA
D. Cowgill 1.5 1.6 64.80 USA
Adam Hill 1.3 1.3 62.53 USA
Les Bilyeu 1.4 1.3 49.14 USA
Joey Canteloupe 1.4 1.4 39.20 USA
B. Harris 1.4 1.3 38.22 USA
E. Carlson 1.2 1.2 33.12 USA
George Moran 1.5 1.4 25.20 USA
Mel Stalzer 0 0 0 USA
Ken Firl 0 0 DQ USA
Ron Kumro 0 0 DQ USA

Top 20 Finalist

Heine Bijker Holland

The kit was released at 9:00 pm on 7/7/01. The weather was overcast with a slight wind. The birds worked in a figure 8pattern at a nice scoring height. They worked nicely together with good speed and depth. An excellent team of birds. Witnessed by lots of friends and relatives. Great job Heine!

Fanie Gouws South Africa

The birds were released at 11:50 AM on 7/14/01.The weather was clear and calm. They flew at a nice judging height with a slow wing beat. a very active team with good quality spinners. They worked well as a team and had average depth. another excellent team with a good trainer. lots of support from fellow fanciers. Congratulations Fanie!

Mat Purvis USA

Mat's birds were released at 8:20 AM on 6/17/01.The weather was calm with light clouds. They were active with some fast spinners working well together. The birds flew up high but were visible. They had nice style with fair depth. Overall a nice kit of quality spinner. congratulations Mat!

Jessie Comer USA

The kit was released at 7:30 AM on 5/28/01. The weather was overcast with a light wind from the west. The birds flew at a good scoring height with the overcast conditions. They were fast and deep showing good quality. Good separation made them easy to count. Lots of friends to witness a nice quality kit of birds. Congratulations Jessie!

Henry Cook USA

Flew at 8:05 AM on 6/5/01. The weather was calm/overcast. A fun kit to judge, lots of quality spinners with good depth and style. They flew at a good scoring height. Excellent it. Congratulations Henry!

John Heauge UK

Flew team at 7:45 on 7/2/01.It was overcast with light wind. Excellent kit of spinners. Broke together well and flew a nice pattern at a great scoring height. Lost 4 breaks before time in and had a racing homer control kit 4 minutes. More to come from John, Congratulations.

Jay Starley USA

Flew at 7:50 AM on 6/11/01.The weather was calm with high clouds. A kit of excellent spinners with good depth. They flew at a good height showing good separation on the turns making them easy to call. Out birds hurt the overall performance. Congratulations Jay!

Eric Laidler Denmark

Flew at 7:00 Pm on7/5/01. The weather, clear skies with wind from the north. The kit broke steady with good depth and quality. Several big turns added to the excitement. Flew a little on the high side with some out birds at times, but overall a very nice kit of spinners. Good work Eric.

Dennis Burke USA

Flew at 9:00 AM on6/22/01. Partly cloudy light wind/cool/An excellent kit of spinners that was active, working together, and flying at a good height. Good quality spin. Congratulations Dennis!

Joe Bob Stoke USA

Flew early AM on 6/03/01.The weather was clear with light wind. The birds flew at a nice height worked for eight to ten minutes showing excellent speed and quality in the spin. The team worked well together. Out birds hurt after 10 minutes. good work Joe Bob!

GT Lofts South Africa

Flew at 5:00 PM on7/13/01. The weather was calm sun setting. nice active kit of birds. Lots of excellent quality spinning, with bird working together as a team. Congratulations Garret and Tom

Ken Billings USA

Flew at 9:45 Am on 6/14/01.The skies were clear with a light wind. This team showed good quality spin with excellent speed. worked well together in sync. Excellent team of birds. Good work Kenny!

Kevin Monroe USA

Flew at 7:50 on 5/22/01clear and calm. These birds kitted well and at times flew out of judging view. They were easy to count when in the spin with good depth. Several nice quality spinners in the kit. good work Kevin

Johnny Conradie South Africa

Flew the birds at around 4:oo PM with light wind. an excellent kit of birds. They flew at a good height showing excellent quality spin with good depth kitted well. They flew flat which lessened the scoring possibilities. Congratulations Johnny!

Dennis Hayes USA

Flew in the afternoon with some wind and high clouds. The birds were active showing some good quality spin, kitted well but flew a little to high. Overall a nice team of birds. Good work Dennis!

Richard Hayes USA

Flew at 8:00AM low clouds. The birds lifted showing some good quality spin. A very active team not showing potential for depth. They kitted well sometimes flying into the clouds. Good work Richard

John and Lisa Smeltzer USA

Called time in at 7:05 AM, calm and skies overcast. The birds worked well together at a good height. Good quality spin with excellent depth. some out birds at times. Nice team John and Lisa

Eric Schoelkoph USA

Flew at 8:00 AM in a low ceiling fog. A kit of nice spinners with good depth. The fog kept them from showing their full potential. Some kitting problems kept the score down. Keep up the good work Eric.

Boet Bezuidenhout South Africa

Birds were up at 11:00 AM, cool/overcast. The birds flew at a good height showing good quality spin with nice depth. Easy to score separation. A very small operation producing very good quality birds. Keep up the good work Boet

Firk De Beer South Africa
Flew at 4:00 PM; partly cloudy/calm. Nice quality team of birds. Flew close together as a team choosing to fly on the right wing and a little high. The birds did show good quality spin and broke together. good work Firk


2001 World Cup Directors & Coordinators


North American Coordinator
& General Coordinator
Guil Rand
208 S. 300 East
Spanish Fork, UT  84660    USA
N. Rocky Mountain Region
Brent Martindale
4095 Shamrock St.
Boise, ID 83713-2533
Texas Region
Milford Sanders
319 Cosey St.
Palmer, TX 75152-9671
World Cup Treasurer
Kelton Parker
4525 N. Hwy 171
Cleburne, TX  76031
N. West International Region
Ray Lewis
18519 35th Ave. S.E.
Bottell, WA 98012
Western Plains Region
Jim Shumway
593 So. Edenburgh Dr.
Loveland, CO  80537
World Cup Web  Site Director
Mrs. Birdie Orrick
Arizona Region
Joe Canteloupe
15919 E. Maplewood St.
Gilbert, AZ 85296
Hawaii Region
Tom Mendes
41-610 Nonokio St.
Waimanalo, HI  96795
Central Region
John Smeltzer & Lisa Meier
10292 Hwy. 72 E.
Bentonville, AR 72712
Don Luna
144 Church St. Box 285
Schomberg, Ontario LOG-1TO
Great Britain Region
& European Coordinator
Paul Lee
373 Westdale Lane
Mapperley, Nottingham NG3-6ER
East Region
John Lawrence
HC 65 Box 548
DeRuyter, NY 13052
South Central Region
Jay Thibodeaux
471 Harry Guilbeau Rd.
Opeleusas, LA 70570
Holland Region
Jan Barendrecht
22 Workumstraat
8304 DP, Emmeloord, Holland
New England Region
Tom Van Den Bossche
P.O. Box 233
Litchfield, MA 04350
South East Region
O.J. Hood
820 East 16th St.
Charlotte, NC  28205
Denmark Region
Eric Laidler
Geflevej 125
6960 Hvide Sande, Denmark
New Mexico Region
Larry Boggan
#5 Nexus Lane
Tijeras, NM 87059
Southern California Region
Robert Parker
560 W. June St.
Rialto, CA 92376
South African Coordinator
Tom du Toit
P.O. Box 1847
Vanderbijlpark, 1900
South Africa
N. California Region
Roy Edmonds
1622 Del Mar Ave.
Modesto, CA 95350
Southern California N. Region
Dave Goss
1824 North Rose St.
Burbank, CA 91505
South Africa Region 1
Ervin Kay
4 Krag Avenue
Fleurhoff 1709
Roodepoort, South Africa
N. California Coast Region
Brent Timeus
216 Keystone Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA  95062-1154
S. California San Diego Region
Roy Terhern
97 H St.
Jula Vista, CA 91910
South Africa Region 2
Dean Bolton
259 Delpfinium Street
Alberton, South Africa
N. Central East Region
Devoe Manning
1165 Naylor Rd.
Dixon, IL 61021-8220
Mountain West Region
Scott Campbell
720 E. 2600 N.
Ogden, UT  84414
South Africa Region 3
D. Beukes
60 Van Wouw Street
Sasolburg, South Africa
N. Central West Region
John Hawxby
P.O. Box 91
Hartford, IA 50118



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